Monday, March 18, 2013

Awesome BBQ Chicken Salad (& More)

Yesterday, we had people over for dinner.  And when we have people over for dinner, we have good food. 
We had Korean BBQ (but us kids had to have leftover tri-tip and chicken from Wood Ranch...which is still good). 
We also had this amaZINK BBQ chicken salad.
Corn, lettuce, BBQ chicken, red onions, cilantro (yuck), and THE SAUCE.
Sauces make life colorful.  I eat honey mustard with unsaucy orange chicken, Ranch with carrots and soy sauce chicken, and mayo with french fries (yuuuuummmmm...)  But this sauce was THE BOMB.
All you have to do is to mix Ranch and BBQ sauce (we used Wood Ranch BBQ) together.  Depending on your taste, you can change up the proportions.  I think generally, people like more Ranch than BBQ on their salad (who puts BBQ sauce on their salad?!) so keep that in mind.  Like 3/4 Ranch and 1/4 BBQ or maybe even wider proportions.  Here's a list of proportions for people that don't know what proportions are yet:

1/4 of the ENTIRE thing BBQ sauce, 3/4 of the ENTIRE thing Ranch
1/2 of the ENTIRE thing BBQ sauce, 1/2 of the ENTIRE thing Ranch
1/3 of the ENTIRE thing BBQ sauce, 2/3 of the ENTIRE thing Ranch
Or you could switch everything around (3/4 BBQ, 1/4 Ranch, etc.)


We had leftover Korean BBQ for lunch (It's pronounced kgalbi, but spelled kalbi.  The k and g are squished together).  It's kinda hard.  But believe it or not, you have to do the kg sound for "Gangnam Style."  People, it's not "Gang-nam Style"!  It's "Kgang-nam Style"!
Yummy...especially with the fat (that sounds terrible, but it's sooooo good!).

I wish I could transport tastes through this thing.  Oh, well, maybe when I'm a hundred they'll have technology that good.

One last thing...
My brothers play baseball, and there's a Snack Shack.  At the Snack Shack, they sell Slush Puppies (no, it's not a puppy that's turned to slush...gross).  My brother got a Slush Puppie and for some reason decided to freeze it.  So now it looks like this:

KGangnam Style!  Not Gangnam Style!

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