Saturday, March 2, 2013


Part of this blog is random stuff.  And this is Random Stuff.
A week or so ago, I was doing my Bible lesson with my family.  We were reading a part of the Bible that lists the 12 disciples (Mark 3:17).
Cool fact of the day: James and John the disciples were called "Boanerges."
Now, just hold on a second.  "Boanerges" might seem like a really weird name, something that you can make a dozen crazy nicknames out of (Bo? Boan? Boa? Boanerg?), but get this:
"Boanerges" means "Sons of Thunder."
Kinda like Thor, the Norse "god" of Thunder. 
Except this is the Biblical version of Thor.  "Boanerges."
Although "Boanerges" might not sound as cool as "Thor," it means the same thing, and it's a really epic name. 
Best of all, it's not only "son of thunder."  It's "sons of thunder."  So I can name my future kids "Boanerges 1" and "Boanerges 2."

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