Friday, March 29, 2013

Brittany Hargest

The following information comes from Wikipedia and Spotify.  I'm assuming it's true.

Brittany Hargest is a CCM artist.  She released an album in 2011, Love All the Way, although I've only recently discovered it.  Her songs are really awesome, extremely upbeat, and my type of music.  I've got a couple of her songs on my playlist, and they're awesome!  "Put It All Together," "Love All the Way," "Slow Motion," "Bring the Party," and "Like a Fire" are all relatively upbeat ("Put It All Together" less so). 

According to Wikipedia and Spotify, Hargest was a member of the Christian teen group Jump5.  Jump5 was composed of Hargest, her brother, and two-three other friends.  They aren't very well known, so don't sweat it if you haven't heard of them.  I've listened to a very small amount of Jump5's music, and I can't say I exactly like their style--kind of techno--but as a soloist, Hargest's music is reminiscient of tobyMac and Britt Nicole (my faves ;). 

I encourage you to listen to her! 

For more information about Brittany Hargest, click here.  For more information about Jump5, click here.

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