Friday, March 22, 2013


To you all who listen to CCM-
Francesca Battistelli is a familiar name to those who follow CCM artists such as tobyMac, Britt Nicole, Chris Tomlin, etc.  Singer of albums My Paper Heart and Hundred More Years, Battistelli has a rich voice and a fame that reaches far.  Although (in my humble opinion) her songs aren't as catchy as songs, say, by Britt Nicole or tobyMac, Battistelli has enjoyed numerous chart-topping hits such as "Free to be Me," "I'm Letting Go," "Beautiful, Beautiful," "It's Your Life" (feat. in Soul Surfer), and "This is the Stuff." 

"This is the Stuff" is from her latest album, Hundred More Years, which came out in 2011.  Battistelli has recently come out with a number of other songs (along with her Christmas album--check it out!), creating the DELUXE version of Hundred More Years.

Recently this year, Battistelli came out with the single "Strangely Dim," which has enjoyed popularity with the Christian crowd.  "Strangely Dim," which talks about how everything in the world dims in comparison to God, headed the several new songs that are featured on the deluxe version of Hundred More Years.  Along with the songs on Hundred More Years, "Trampoline," "Strangely Dim," "Hold Out for Love," "Something More," and "In Your Eyes" are all included in the deluxe version of Hundred More Years, along with two of my personal favorites: remakes of "This is the Stuff" and also "Angel by Your Side."

On Spotify, the remake of "This is the Stuff" includes "Take 1."  My guess is that they made the Take 1 version of "This is the Stuff" before they came up with the current version of "This is the Stuff" (you might be thinking, no, duh).  "This is the Stuff" Take 1 is a lot more upbeat than the regular "This is the Stuff" and is presented in a slightly different vocal form.  It's exciting to hear the same song, same words, same tune, in a different variation.  I'd encourage you to try listening to it.  However, like my mom said, we feel that the regular "This is the Stuff" is more thoughtful and profound, since it's slower in tempo, and so if you pay more attention to the lyrics than the beat, you'd like the regular version of "This is the Stuff" better than the Take 1 variation.

I might have boggled you with that whole paragraph.  If so, sorry.

The remake of "Angel by Your Side" includes the word "unplugged."  "Unplugged" doesn't necessarily mean live (I'm listening to it as I'm writing and I don't think it's live) but the music is piano and violin, so there's no techno beat or anything (not that there would be any techno beat in "Angel by Your Side"). 

I thought that you people might be interested, which is why I'm writing this. 


P.S. I think you'd have to be a real music fanatic to have read that entire thing.

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