Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Korean BBQ Is Amazink

Now, a lot of people know this already:

Korean BBQ is probably one of the awesomest foods in the world.  That, along with cheeseburgers w/ mayo, Lipton onion dip, kettle chips, Caesar salad...and a bunch of other stuff.

Yesterday, since we had company over, we went to a Korean BBQ restaurant.  Yumzeroo!  It was amazink.  It was one of those restaurants that have the griddle thing in the middle, and almost always there was a bunch of meat sizzling on it...ahhhh.

I had the good sense to bring my iPhone along, and there were one or two cool things I noticed, along with a bunch of other random stuff...

Sesame oil, with pepper flakes and SALT!!!! :P  Yummy...I dipped the salad into it :P  You should try it! <3in it.
This isn't kalbi (otherwise known as true Korean BBQ) but it's close enough.  It was thin, and soy saucy and good. 
Guess what this is?
WATER! (how did you know...)  I noticed that the restaurant we went to upgraded from the plastic cups to metal.  Intriguing.  Also a pointless fact.


Don't ask me why this picture is lopsided--I honestly have no idea why!  I got into an argument with my computer, and that just occurred--OH WAIT, IT'S THE PLACEMAT!!!! (I honestly realized it just now) 
I thought it was kind of cool, because if you look at the picture upside down:
Look at the reflection.  Doesn't that look like an archway, leading into a sunlit patio thingy, like in a castle?  Is my imagination just wandering?  Or can you guys see it too?


Empty plate.  Full plates are unheard-of at Korean BBQ restaurants.
Some kalbi (pronounced gkalbi, like Kgangnam) bones with drained oil-and-salt mixture, still-full spicy sauce, a couple of random lettuce leaves, and a cucumber slice that tasted really sour (vinegar).  Plus a bunch of napkins (I'm a napkinator--defined as a person who uses a lot of napkins).
If you haven't been to a KBBQ restaurant in your entire existence on this planet, go there.  Now.

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