Friday, March 15, 2013

Kuehl Kids Preview

Hey~I'm giving you guys a little preview on the full post on Sunday.

"STOP!" Almira cried. The talking died down.
"I've tracked a movement on the west corner. Everyone, to the Vision Room!" hollered Almira.
The kids knew what to do. The Vision Room was a surveillance room the Professor had installed specifically to watch out for Jasper Jalling and his band of rogue kids. Tyler prompted teleported to the room, while Ally flew, Electra ran (emitting sparks), and Walter surfed on his silver ice wave.

Almira headed everyone. When they got there, Tyler and the Professor were already hunched over at their specific monitors, activating the defenses they were in charge of. Electra, Ally, Almira, and Tyler all went to their stations, slipped on their headsets, and for a moment there was silence.

Each of the stations was individualized for each person, and each person was in charge of one specific defense of surveillance.

Then Electra spoke into her headset. "I've activated the electricity bars just in case."
"I hear something," Almira said warningly. "I'm switching the general sound over to everyone's headsets so we can all hear."

There was a crackling of static, and then everyone strained their ears. Slowly but surely, a faint sound was making its way over the headphones.

"What on earth?" said Ally. There was fear in her voice. "Is that what I think it is?"

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