Friday, March 22, 2013

Oh boy, oh boy...math (:

Today, as I said earlier, I had a math competition. 

I went to school for only half the day (I enjoyed the glory people get when they leave early).  Then I left for the competition, which was at a school near my house.

When I first got there, I had to wait...and wait...until my friends came.  Then it was fun.  We talked about math (like nerds; jk) except we didn't talk about our JOY at doing the competition--we talked about how many problems, how long we got...and groaned.

I had to go up to this room with a bunch of other kids (it was kinda awkward) and, well, we had to start.

The 'head' proctor had to read a long list of whatchamacallits--clarifications?--about decimals and fractions and remainders and whatnot.  The following was like this:

Write both your first and last name on the back of your test.  Write the answers on the blanks provided on the right side of the page.  If the problem is stated as a fraction, write the answer as a fraction.  If the problem is stated as a decimal, write the answer as a decimal, INCLUDING the problems involving money.  DO NOT write long divison remainder answers as R...  Write them as fractions. 

And so on and so forth.  Believe it or not, I think the proctor was supposed to read it every time before we completed our tests (there were 4), but they didn't (thank goodness ;). 

There are two categories, Reasoning and Computation. Computation is just basically a bunch of math problems that you have to solve (not including word problems). I did Computation my first two years, not placing in the first one and placing 1st last year.
I'm not naturally a reasonable person, so when I got signed up for Reasoning (word problems; Computation was already claimed) I was apprehensive.  It turned out to be OK.  Easy enough. 

Then we had to wait for an hour.  So I did.  Eventually, they called us back to the auditorium and introduced our awards.

It turned out I won 5th place.  Out of 10-15 kids, I think that's pretty good.  My brothers both won 1st.  I think that's really good ;)

My school was well represented, and since this is the last year that I can do this competition, I'm pretty satisfied...but not quite.

My ribbon ;)
 I blocked out some things, but you can see the beautiful color and my place ;)

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