Monday, March 25, 2013

PALM SUNDAY...and other stuff

Hey guys, happy belated Palm Sunday!

I had a happy (schoolwork-free :) time going to my church's Children's Ministry picnic yesterday and playing basketball (and trouncing all the boys JK!).  But more on that later.

I woke up at 7:30 (earlier than my usual solid 8 o' clock) because I had to cut onions for my French Onion soup for my Speech class.  I cut three onions, then put the whole thing on a plate and covered it with a wet paper towel (I know, weird way to start off my morning).

Then I went to church, which lasted until 12:30-ish. 

Then to the church picnic.

I was beginning to feel fat after eating L&L and so I decided to play basketball with my brothers and their friends.  We played Lightning first.  I'm actually decent at Lightning--just not basketball itself.  I made it to the second, third round and then got out.

I was happy.

Pretty soon, my brothers' friends' dads came over and said, "Let's play a game of basketball!"

The teams were even with me in the game, so I played.  I stuck in for 15-20 minutes, barely dribbling (I kinda know how but I can't in a game), almost always shooting (and always missing), and passing at the end when it was clear I couldn't really skillfully make a shot.  Yesterday wasn't that bad, but just a rule of thumb: Never have your own family on your basketball team!

After "retiring" because I was getting "too old" (that's my favorite excuse, getting old), I went and ate jellybeans (Starburst ones; they were decent, but I like Jelly Bellys better).

We eventually left and headed home.  After an hour or so of resting reading the LA Times (Comics, Parade, and the Entertainment section), my mom and I took off to go chart my solar system.

For those of you who have stuck with me from the very beginning of this blog, remember the really weird post with the measuring rocks and the ode to kielbasa at the end? (To read it, click here)

That was my solar system project.  What I had to do was calculate the planets' size to a certain scale (it wouldn't be very helpful to my school--or the world, as a matter of fact--if I had to fit an entire Jupiter-sized ball into my science classroom).  That was the size part; I only need Mars and Mercury (the two smallest peeps).

The distance part was a little more tricky.  See, you were supposed to print out a map of your neighborhood and meter-by-meter measure out the distances in as straight of a line as possible.  I didn't exactly do that.  There's a function on GoogleMaps where you could measure out how long a line/route was, so that's what I did.  I measured the distances of the planets into GoogleMaps, then zoomed in, looked at the address/street where, say, Neptune was, and then I'd plug the address into our GPS and go there and take pictures of me standing with a sign stating the name and distance of the planet. 

My mom and I traveled around the solar system, and I must say, I got a better sense of direction than I usually have (which honestly isn't saying much).  My mom still got frustrated with my incompetence.  At one point, I said, "Mom, can you turn at that thingy over there?"
"You mean street?" my mom said.
Sometimes my words just spill out so quickly that I can't REMEMBER the word I wanted to use!!!!

Two or three times, the address wasn't working.  I plugged it in over and over again.  Finally, for Mars, we had to just find our way.  We found it.

Then with Saturn we ran into a more serious problem.  The address I plugged in didn't exist (That would be a problem)So we had to skip Saturn, and now I have to do that one today :(  When I came back home, I figured out that I had forgotten one word: 'la.' 




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