Monday, March 11, 2013

PB&J ReVamped

I remember what I was going to put on my last PB&J post.  To make PB&J doubly awesome, you have to put one layer of peanut butter on one bread, then a layer of jam on top of that (so what if they mix?).  Then you have to repeat the same on the other bread and clap them together.
Also, I went on a run with my family this morning.  After we came back, I had this:
Yep, that's granola!  I did my famous half-pb&j sandwich, then sprinkled blueberry flaxseed granola from Sprouts on top.  Even though I couldn't taste the granola, the sandwich was decent ;)

Speaking of granola, you have to get some of it from Sprouts.  There's a French Vanilla flavor from Sprouts, and a Pecan Praline caramel thingy.  Both are high in calories, but mmmmm.  They make you want to keep eating it over and over and over and over again!

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