Monday, March 4, 2013


What's up, homeys?  Rcubed here, fresh and ready to go.
After I posted my last thing, I went downstairs, ate bratwurst with grilled onions and rice and half a Klondike mint-chocolate-chip bar for dessert, took 4 tablets of kids' grape Tylenol (the best flavor is grape; don't go bubble gum or cherry, GRAPE!), and created the Inn-N-Out Secret Menu page.  Then I went downstairs and practiced, had a slight alarm with my chord progressions, and went to the place of my fate.  There, I went into the practice room and loosened up there (everyone in the room used headphones, so all you heard was keys thumping), then had to wait another ten minutes because the girl ahead of me was Level 9 or 10 and had looong pieces.  I just waited and sweated it out and tried to figure out when the girl would be done.  Then I played my piano.  I'm glad to say that I passed.  Gargoyles!
Afterwards, my family went to Shakey's, and then to Disneyland to watch World of Color in California Adventure.  We had a couple of hours to kill, so we went on California Screamin' and Goofy's Sky School.  Goofy's Sky School was a lot more...intense than I expected.  At the beginning, I was trying to jam my protective bar down, and I was pushing it really low.  Then it locked right above my knee and for the entire ride, I hoping that my blood circulation wouldn't be too altered.  I'm alive and well, thankfully ;) lol
World of Color was really awesome--Brave, Toy Story, Pocahontas, Ariel, Up, and others made an appearance--but what got me was that the light-up Mickey Mouse hats they were selling coordinated colors with the entire performance.  For example, when the water glowed green, the hats glowed green.  It was really funny :0  What also got me was that the employees could sing with the performance. 
Like I sometimes say: Disneyland is a place on earth where you can wear Mickey Mouse hats and not look out of place. :)

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