Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Random Photos and Phun (Science Project and Kielbasa)

How's y'all doing?
Today I was feeling silly and I took a picture of my solar system science project which I'm sure NOBODY is interested in...along with a couple of other things.

 It's complicated, but in the end, I was measuring these fakey stones to see if they passed the test (do you guys recall seeing these stones in EVERY SINGLE TOURIST TRAP on vacation, even if it has minor relevance to your vacation spot?).  I was caught in a tourist trap in Arizona, I think, and I begged my mom for these.

Nice picture of the stones...iPhone res is pretty good!

Side shot.  I was looking on the side and I thought it looked really cool...the picture's angle didn't turn out the way I wanted.
Aluminum foil (obviously).  I bet you guys are bored.  Sorry.  Just look at the next one.
A piece of kielbasa (learn about it in the tribute to Shakespeare down here).
Ode to Kielbasa
Thoust sits so cold and abandoned
On that limp old paper plain.
What has a meager piece
Of sausage anything to gain?
I bet thoust is sorry
For thyself, as plain can see.
What thou should know is that
Thou's as happy as thou can be.
Why, thou has perfect arms and legeths!
Thou has a brain to think.
So why not learn some Polish,
Or some Hebrew, or some Greek?
Attempt your hand at mathematics.
Be like all the rest.
What use is it to attempt something
If you won'teth be the best?
Study, study, study, just like humans.
Prove thyself! 
Learn to learn and thinkest how to think
Not about earthly pelf.
But by far, the most useful thing for thou to do
Is not Literature, or a prize.
Plop into a hot pan of oil
Blessed--the beautiful smell of you that fries!
My translation:
You look like you feel sorry for yourself.  Don't.  Study hard and go to college.  That's one good way to put your brains to use.  But another good way is plop yourself into the frying pan.  You're delicious!
You might think I'm crazy for talking to a piece of kielbasa, but I made up this all spur-of-the-moment at 8:52 p.m.

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  1. haha...your so funny!! And this is pretty cool :)