Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sorry about yesterday

Hey peeps-
Sorry I couldn't post yesterday.  I had to go to math class, do schoolwork, eat lunch, do more schoolwork (still I wasn't done), do an hour of tennis, take a shower, do more schoolwork, and go to a birthday party.  I've got a lot of schoolwork.  Partly because I have six classes and they all assign a lot and partly because I prolong the agony (I have high standards for myself, which strictly isn't the best thing to get things done). 
I <3 being busy but I hate being busy.  If that makes any sense.
Oh, and if you can, can you vote on the poll on the sidebar?  Thanks ;)
Today I woke up early (again) and attempted to do my art assignment.  We're working with oil pastels right now, and we were supposed to do a landscape that showed rhythm.  I didn't do so well...

Original picture (from my backyard).

My picture.  Gargoyles!
And so yeah.  Toodles, folks.

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