Thursday, March 28, 2013


My school is very generous.  They let us take Thursday and Good Friday off along with all of next week.  When we come back to school, we take this really interesting testing and get light schooldays.

Come on, people.  The people who invented school also invented something REALLY cool called VACATION.

My Ode To Spring Break
Oh, to spring break
What a joy, what a make!
When people invented SCHOOL
they also invented something cool-
SPRING BREAK is a pleasure,
SPRING BREAK is a joy.
SPRING BREAK is a measure
Of endless activities and toys.
Things can be done
Like having fun in the sun.
Friends can be seen,
Behold, the eye is entranced with green.
Books can be read;
Pets can be fed.
Alas, this lasts only a week,
So we've got to THINK
Of how to make the most of our time.
How much longer can I go on making rhymes?
Because TIME is limited on this earth
Beginning from the very delightful birth
Leading on, past childhood years,
Growing into teenage fears,
Maturing into young adult.
Who eventually molt
Into a nice young person.
Who eventually grows old (and cold).
This spring break is a mist...
Like us.
So make the most of your time,
Like I should make the most of my rhymes:
Whether spring, winter, or summer...
Don't let your life be a bummer.

Oh, to spring break!  I can't wait.  I'm already tasting it, and I bet my friends are too.  No school.  No projects (all due on Tuesday).  I'm going to post EVERY LIVING DAY.  I'm going to write stories, make forms on GoogleDocs, read my heart out, practice piano :(, listen to CCM (hopefully find some new songs to share with you), walk, play, and enjoy life.  Because sometimes at school I can't.  I have to constantly be planning ahead, for projects and when I'm going to do something, and I'm not really the type of person to 'enjoy the moment' too well.  I'm not a partygoer; I'm a party pooper.  This week is going to be restful and fun, and hopefully it will be for you too.

This week, I'm going to enjoy all that God has given me, and not worry about schoolwork.  Because everyone needs rest.

"There is nothing better for a person than that he should eat and drink and find enjoyment in his toil. This also, I saw, is from the hand of God..." Ecclesiastes 2:24 (ESV)

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