Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Serial~ Kuehl Kids Part 2

The Kuehl Kids lived underground.  Sixteen acres of ground had Kuehl residence.  There were two reasons for living underground:
1) Because the Professor was so...ahem, unique, some of his former upground neighbors had labored under the delusion that he was crazy.  Crazy to the point of possible imprisonment for harrassment and weirdness. 
2) To hide from Jasper Jalling and his band of villains.  The Professor was wise enough to stay out of public sight.  He knew that Jasper was a dangerous person, and that Jasper's students were very dangerous too. 
In the meantime, the Professor kept an eye on outerworld events and trained his band of young people faithfully in case of an attack.

The Kuehl residence was known as the Underground.  The Professor had named it that because his deceased wife had been British.  The Underground was not just a training area.  It was a manufacturing area, a farm, airport, and school all in one.  There were fields full of vegetables and corn, waving wistfully in the Professor's special Underground Sunlight formula.  The Underground Sunlight formula had the same effects as regular sunlight.  There were also meat factories, because the Professor did not believe in being vegetarian or vegan ("A world without bacon is a sad world indeed," he always said).  There was a huge, one-story maze of a house to live in, complete with bedrooms and kitchens and training areas and so on and so forth, and there was the "Creativity Shop," where the Kuehl Kids could tinker with their hobbies.  The Professor believed in a well-rounded education.

Back to the scene...
"STOP!" Almira cried.  The talking died down.
"I've tracked a movement on the west corner.  Everyone, to the Vision Room!" hollered Almira.
The kids knew what to do.  The Vision Room was a surveillance room the Professor had installed specifically to watch out for Jasper Jalling and his band of rogue kids.  Tyler prompted teleported to the room, while Ally flew, Electra ran (emitting sparks), and Walter surfed on his silver ice wave.

Almira headed everyone.  When they got there, Tyler and the Professor were already hunched over at their specific monitors, activating the defenses they were in charge of.  Electra, Ally, Almira, and Tyler all went to their stations, slipped on their headsets, and for a moment there was silence. 

Each of the stations was individualized for each person, and each person was in charge of one specific defense of surveillance. 

Then Electra spoke into her headset.  "I've activated the electricity bars just in case."
"I hear something," Almira said warningly.  "I'm switching the general sound over to everyone's headsets so we can all hear."

There was a crackling of static, and then everyone strained their ears.  Slowly but surely, a faint sound was making its way over the headphones.

"What on earth?" said Ally.  There was fear in her voice.  "Is that what I think it is?"

I'm a little pony, running over the plains.
When I get back to my barn, I love eating grains.
I love to laugh and run and jump
Flying high, so free.
When you come and visit, why don't you fly with me?

It's you, singing!
Ally's eyes popped open. "I hate ponies!" she hollered. She jumped up.
"Who is that?" Tyler said.
Almira started laughing. "I guess it's just a person pretending to be a wild pony," she said. "False alarm."
"That's weird," Walter commented seriously. He leaned forward in his chair as everyone else left their stations, relieved.
"I'm glad it's not something else," Almira said as she got up.
Just then, the alarms started blaring again.
"The pony person?" Ally's eyes widened.
Walter paled. "Oh my goodness," he said. "Look at this."
He held up the monitor for all to see.
Almira gasped. "Everyone back to your stations!"
Everyone headed back. Professor Kuehl took one look at his monitor and blanched. "Oh, no," he said. "It can't be. It just can't be."

Four figures were standing on the plains.


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