Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Serial ~ The Kuehl Kids Part 3

Four figures were standing on the plains.
One of them was just barely visible, wavering in the wind like a sheet of Saran wrap. Her hair was translucent and fleeting.
"Invisa," the Professor whispered into his headset.
Invisa was one of the kidnapped kids. She could turn invisible and shoot force fields.
Another, a boy, was extremely red-faced. As everyone watched, his hand went into flames. He cocked his hand back behind his ear and threw a fireball.
"Fier," the Professor said.
Fier could turn into flames and throw fireballs.
The fireball rolled around and grew into a small wildfire.
"What are they trying to do?!" Ally exclaimed.
"Walter, get the water ready," the Professor said coolly.
Walter tapped a few keys on his keyboard, and within a few seconds, the hidden underground water pipes were alive with water. His hand hovered over a tiny red button installed on his computer mouse.
"Not yet," the Professor whispered. Sweat glistened on his forehead. "We don't want them to know that we're here."
"They're talking," Almira said. "I'm switching it over."
There was a crackling and a staticky sound, and then the sound of voices became louder and louder.
"What are you trying to do?" another kid, a girl with brown hair, said. She looked like a normal person, but everyone in the Vision Room knew that she was actually Taylor Swifte.  Swifte, as she was commonly known, could run fast--even faster than the fictional Flash.  Swifte ran around the flames and promptly put them out.  Her clothes blurred into one figure that zoomed around and around.  Electra could feel her eyes getting sore from just looking at her.
Fier rolled his eyes. "I'm just trying to help," he said.
"That's what they all say. We're only here to scout," Swifte said. "See if there's any evidence that they're living under here."
The last person, a strangely quiet boy, said, "Should I?"
"Quake," the Professor said. "He can make earthquakes."
"Try to make an earthquake? No," said Swifte. "I think we should just scout. They might have hidden cameras, for all we know. But Jasper said not to bet on it, exactly. Apparently way back when in the Superhero Club, the Professor didn't even have a telephone."
Tyler snickered. Everyone sneaked looks at the Professor while Fier said, "You think. What were Jasper's instructions?"
"Do whatever you think is best," said Swifte. She stood tall. "This is what I think is best."
"You," said Fier. His hair heated up into a ball of fire. "This is what I think is best." He head-butted the ball onto the grass, where it sparked into a larger flame than before.  Swifte created a wind by become a mere blur.  However, the fire quickly spread, and Swifte's wind wasn't enough.  Crackling sounds lit up the headsets.
Quake planted himself on the ground. Rumblings began.
As the people in the Vision Room watched the scene unfold in horror, a chunk of the ceiling came out and hit the ground.

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  1. are you ever gonna try to ever publish your stories?! that would be really cool :)