Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Serial~ The Kuehl Kids Part 4

Walter began firing. Jets of water streamed up from the ground, putting out the fire, soaking Fier, Invisa, Swifte, and Quake. The earthquakes stopped as the four ran for cover.
"They run fast," commented Ally as she hit a green button. A sign popped up in the direction the kids were running. It read:
Sprinklers come on the field during the day. Beware!
"Oh, guys, look at this," Fier said. He shook his head, splattering water everywhere. "Sprinklers."
"That explains the water," said Swifte. Her eyes narrowed, but she didn't say anything else.
"I need to get home and get dry," Fier said anxiously. "If I'm not dry in two hours, you know what happens."
The kids exchanged meaningful glances.
Inside the Vision Room, everyone's minds were whirling.
"Are they really that naive?" Electra wondered.
"It could be a trap," volunteered Walter.
"At any rate, I'm glad they're gone," Ally said. She got up from her monitor and stared at the chunk of ceiling. "How do we replace that?"

The rest of the day was spent replacing the ceiling. Tyler teleported between the Repair Supplies Room and the Vision Room. Electra made sure the gas pipes situated above the ceiling were okay. Walter used his water to wet the concrete to repair the ceiling. Ally did the nitty-gritty work, applying the concrete and stones. The Professor and Almira watched them do it all.
"Very good, very good," the Professor said, his eyes bright. "I couldn't have done it better myself."
Ally looked pleased. Tyler tried to look bored but utterly failed.
"Can we go back to our training session?" Electra asked.
The Professor nodded. "That would be wise. Make sure you fight well. We're going to need you sooner than I thought," he added in low tones to Almira, who nodded agreement.
The four used their various powers to transport themselves away to the octagonal Training Room.
And four other faces watched from the tiny camera the size of a pinhole attached to the new ceiling.

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