Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Serial

Okay, so, I've wanted to try my writing out on people like y'all...just to see if you guys like it.  I've had people say they like my blog; now I want to try something that's been developing in my brain.
I <3 writing stories, and so I've decided to have a Sunday Serial, where I write part of a long, ongoing story every Sunday.  Everything's going to end at cliffhangers (hey, if the Korean drama people do it, so am I!) and it'll be exciting, I promise.  So, here's the beginning...

Pretend you're walking on a huge stretch of grassy plain, pretending to be a wild pony in pioneer days.
The air is crisp and cold and clear, and you're having the time of your life.
Suddenly, you hear a crackle.  You stop pretending and are jerked back to reality.
You stop in your tracks.  Then you hear another crackle.  And another.  Then a gushing sound, and a supersonic zapping noise. 
You look at the ground, and there's a huge flapping sound, like someone's trying to beat a pair of rugs together.
And all of those noises seem like they're coming from underneath the earth.

Is it an apocalypse? you wonder.  Your imagination's soaring.  Maybe there are aliens under the earth!
Then you go back to playing wild ponies, and you forget every bit of noise that you ever heard.

But beneath the earth, there are four kids, two boys, two girls, that are having the time of their lives.  They're all twelve and thirteen, and they seem to behave unusually.  They're in a giant octagonal room programmed to look like a desert.  The two girls are on one side of the room, and the two boys are facing them opposite.  One of the boys, with sandy blond hair and green eyes, seems to disappear into thin air, then appear at a different spot.  The other boy has pale skin and jet-black hair, and water seems to issue from his hands.  One of the girls, with chestnut red hair and a small stature, has a pair of huge white feathery wings as large as she is sprouting from her back.  She's suspended in midair by those wings.  The other girl is pretty and radiant, with a seemingly glowing body--yellow hair and turquoise eyes that light up.  The scene unfolds as the girl zaps little electric sparks in the direction of the two boys.  All of them are laughing their heads off and occasionally trashtalking.

"BE QUIET!" A voice rang out, echoing around the octagonal room.
The kids turned, halting their laughing and joking, to find Almira Kuehl.
Almira was married to a spy, Charles Dillwin, but unfortunately, her husband perished heroically during a mission (falling off a cliff), and Almira had moved back in with her father, the distinguished, crazy Professor Alberto Kuehl.

Professor Kuehl was old, with grizzled gray hair, and one of his hobbies was studying superheroes.  Superman, Batman, Spiderman, etc., were his heroes, and he had often tried to replicate one of them.  His ideas he had shared with other scientists, who caught onto his notions.  They formed the Superhero Club, where they created possible formulas for a serum that would make one like a superhero.

Some of the people participating in Superhero Club activities were married and had children, and it was discussed that some of the children could be the first possible superheroes.
Then Jasper Jalling, one of the members of the SC, had gone rogue.  He stole half of the formulas and kidnapped half of the children to make his own "superhero" team--except the "superheroes" he created were not superheroes, but supervillains.  The Professor had quickly realized what Jasper had done.  Then the Prof. managed to convince the other parents to let their children take the serums before Jasper Jalling got to them.  The four children were to help defeat the villains, the Professor knew.  Electra could shoot electric sparks and control electric currents.  Walter could control water and several forms of watery precipitation.  Tyler could teleport.  And Ally could fly.  These were the Kuehl Kids.

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