Saturday, March 2, 2013


What's UP?
My friend always answers "the atmosphere."  When I said "the sky," she got all offended (not really). 
But never mind that.  That's a <random fact>. 
Today I'm here to introduce you guys to one of the best foods in the world (in my opinion).  I've had it many times, and if I could, I'd have it almost every day (to have it every day would be too unhealthy ;).  Now, I'm going to quit randomly talking in circles and say two words:
ONION DIP!!!!!!!!!
Onion dip is amazink!  It tastes creamy and oniony, slighty salty, and awesomely amazing.  In order to try this wonderful phenomenon, all you have to do is mix onion soup mix (Lipton or the generic brands) with 16 oz. of sour cream (there's instructions on the soup mix).  Make sure to mix it well.  That's it! 
Onion dip is pretty awesome, but it's a double whammy with this:
I call that a "kettle chip cave," and it's from the Kirkland Signature Kettle Chip bag.  Even though my mom always says that there's a pool of grease at the bottom of each bag, the grease is worth it.  The chips are amazink.  They're salty and greasy and just how a kettle chip should be.  Maybe not the healthiest option, but they're so good you just have to try it.  Even though they're good just by themselves, dip the chip in the dip.  Now you're talking.

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