Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Great Orange Balloon

Around Thanksgiving time, I had the chance to go on a balloon up, up, up.
Our family friends from the bay area (SF, around there) took my brothers and me to the Great Park in Irvine.  The Great Park, to those of you who don't know, is almost an amusement park.  It used to be an airport, so there's plenty of space, and there are wild fields and playgrounds, but get this: there's also a carousel (free of charge) and a hot air balloon (free of charge).  The hot air balloon isn't strictly a true hot air balloon because it's attached to the ground by a rope, but I had the chance to go up in it.  It was really cool...even though I'm afraid of heights!
It was giant and orange and SO COOL!

Original photo.

My version of the sign.  Please, no food, drinks, or horses!

See that thing?  it's attached.

Most of the trip, I was planted to the basket and couldn't move, but I managed to take some pictures.  The attendant said that on clear days, you could see to the ocean!  We couldn't see to the ocean, but we did see a movie theater by our house!  It was amazink...

The view up. 

Like I said, it used to be an airport.


Merchandise: One orange cone.

I think they said on our local Christian radio station that they were going to start charging--$2 for the carousel, $10 for the balloon.  Hurry up and get up there before they start doing that!