Monday, April 8, 2013

50 Useful (or Useless) Facts About My Life

Since I think I should give you a break from blistering burns and dead owls, I'm going to talk to you about the STORY of my LIFE.

1) I was born to wonderfully amazink parents who are still wonderfully amazink. 
2) I am the oldest of four kids.
3) According to my parents, I was not allowed to eat ice cream until I was 3 years old. 
4) I've had about 5 different math teachers this year.
5) I do not like short hair.
6) I like saying "Gargoyles"!
7) I do not like quotation marks that do not curve under (like this- ") NONONONONO
8) My favorite number is 12.
9) The number I think is mean is 7 because it's an odd number that doesn't divide evenly!!!!  But it's a good number because it's mentioned in the Bible.  So are 3 and 1.  Note how they're all odd numbers.  I wonder if that means anything?
10) My favorite letter(s) are a and r.
11) The letter I think is evil is f.  It starts the words False and Fail.
12) I want to get somewhere in life (doesn't everyone?).
13) I have written a number of books that were a. bad books, and b. unpublished because they were so bad.  Their titles include Broadening Minds (what a mind-popping one!), Lily, Arielle, and Both Sides of the Court. 
14) Broadening Minds was the first book of a series I made up called the FP-S Club, which stands for the "Friends Problem-Solvers Club," in which five-seven girls and three boys solved problems in friendships.  Strictly speaking, the series was not that good.  One, I didn't type it (I hadn't gone digital yet).  Two, the thing was hoop-de-doo and la-dee-da and all unicorns and rainbows and starry ponies and there WERE NO PROBLEMS IN LIFE.  Broadening Minds was SO boring!  Seriously!  In the beginning the 3 boys joined the club without hard, cold resistance and then they went to California and ate at Tutti Frutti and very adultly discussed what it means to "broaden your mind" and texted people they bumped into at Inn-N-Out!  Seriously!
15) Lily was about this very vivacious girl in Laura Ingalls Wilder's time.  She lived in a town and liked rustling up folks.  The first chapter was very bad because it was so stinkin' boring and the plot wasn't stable or realistic.  Another chapter chronicled Lily's "surprise party" for her sister Nellie in a tiny playhouse thingamajigger.  A skunk got loose and sprayed the decorations and Lily and her friend Amelia scrubbed the whole place with scented lotion and took baths afterward.  Another chapter showed Lily cutting the dressmaker's hair (the dressmaker went to Kentucky after that) and she captured a con man at her uncle's wedding.  I was a very idealistic and unrealistic writer then.
16) Both Sides of the Court I wrote very recently, which means it's a lot better than Lily and Broadening Minds.  It's about these two girls, the two competitors in a tennis tournament championship.  Sietta Leone is a rich girl whose father has been kidnapped; Cary London is a girl who's facing being evicted from her house and moving away from tennis.  Both of them need the $10,000 offered through winning the tournament.  My goal in writing it is to get the reader to decide who should win the money.  Who do you think should?
17) I still have yet to walk to school.
18) I have not seen Elf.  A lot of people find that hard to believe.
19) I have read some of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.  They wasted time.  I don't even know why I read them!!
20) I prefer ponytails to hair down.
21) I did not know that there was a PlayStation 1 or 2 until like last week.  I just thought there was a PlayStation 3 and a PlayStation Portable!
22) I do not see the point in video games.  Which is why I don't play the Wii anymore.
23) I figured out this year WHY the Rose Parade is called the Rose Parade (duh...the floats are made out of flowers, roses preferably!). 
24) If you didn't know this already, I can be clueless sometimes.
25) I am addicted to chocolate chips and reading.
26) I do not like Taylor Swift's voice.  Or her songs.
27) I have not been watching American Idol this year.  It lost its flavor.  Nicki (is that how you spell her name?), Mariah, Keith, and Randy?  Come on.
28) Korean dramas are funnily predictable.
29) My face is square.
30) Funny story: I was looking all over the place for my iPhone/iPod.  I looked on my two desks (in my room and in our "schoolroom"), on the living room coffee table, and on the dining room table.  I even asked my friend to spam me.  Guess where it was?  On the floor, by my schoolroom desk.
31) The songs I'm into right now: "Turn Up Your Light" by V. Rose (feat. KJ-52); "What Are You Afraid Of?" by Kerrie Roberts; "Wake Up" by Kerrie Roberts; "Somebody Tell Them" by City Harbor; and "New World" by tobyMac.
32) I like Converse.  They're kool.
33) I <3 anything with caramel and no nuts.
34) I am not a person who cares about my looks.  Other girls wear mascara and clothes from Forever 21.  I stopped wearing lip gloss because it was getting annoying, and to be honest, Forever 21 scares me.  No offense to those of you who shop there.
35) I only recently figured out why Forever 21 is called Forever 21.  Forever 21-years-old.  I AM clueless.
36) Olive Garden is my new favorite restaurant.  SALAD IS SO GOOD!!!!!
37) I am still in spring vacation mode even though it stopped today.
38) I type at like 60 words per minute.
39) My favorite quote: "Setting the world on fire is going to be hard because, as everyone knows, the earth is 3/4 water."
40) FINAL TEN!  I can never get a grip on the College Basketball March Madness.  There are way too many colleges.
41) One of the few video games I actually play is Tetris, or Tris.  I know, I'm an old fogie ;)
42) I am obsessed with touch screens.  THEY'RE SO COOL!!!
43) I am also obsessed with headphones.  It's like the music is playing in my mind!
44) I want to go see 42, the Jackie Robinson movie that has Rachel Robinson's (his widow) stamp of approval on it.
45) My favorite drink?  Non-fat Kirkland Signature milk from Costco.
46) I think erasable pens are kool.
47) I crochet things once in a blue moon.  *For all you crocheting/knitting homeys, check out  My friend is one of the writers!
48) I have written three parodies--"Weird Time" (probably my worst one; it's NOT GOOD, trust me), "Haul Me Maybe" (my second-worst one), and "Snack Daddy" (in parody of "Mac Daddy (Tru's Reality)" by tobyMac).
49) I am not crazy about the group Casting Crowns, nor am I about Owl City, although I like the fact that Adam Young is a Christian.

So now you know 50 useful/useless facts about me.  They are not in any particular order. 

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