Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Hawk Nelson!  What can I say?  Punky, rocky, poppy, funky stuff. 

Hawk Nelson, a rockish, punkish CCM group, recently released an album that went along with their single "Words."  Their album Made (with new head vocalist Jonathan Steingard) outlines several important Biblical truths--you're worth more than gold, words can build/break people, Jesus has cleansed us completely--to go along with catchy, upbeat tempos. 

Made Songs:

What I'm Looking For *
A Million Miles Away *
Words *
Elevator *
Every Beat of my Broken Heart
Made *
Love Like That *
Through the Fire
Anyone But You *
Outside the Lines
Fighting For

*I have this song on my Spotify playlist.

Hawk Nelson's tunes are easy to sing to, based on relatable topics, and will make you want to dance!

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