Friday, April 12, 2013

How To Break Your Finger

How To Break Your Finger
1.  Drive to a trampoline place.
2.  Pay $15.
3.  Attempt to slam dunk when you're not Blake Griffin.

My brother recently broke his pinky.  It hurt for a week or so, so he went to a doctor, who said it didn't seem like anything.  He played in a baseball game and participated in practice.  Recently, guess what?  We found out he broke it (from a different doctor).

My family has an interesting history.  None of the several kids in my family has EVER broken a leg, finger, arm, thumb, neck, etc.  (We drink a lot of milk--ALWAYS fat free). 

I guess I always expected that someone breaking something in my family would be a huge hullaballoo (how do you spell that?!) and a huge celebration/noncelebration, but my brother's breaking his pinky finger crept up on us like a stalking cat.  

For his birthday, he and his friends went to this trampoline place (it's a new fad here).  They have a huge foam pit, with trampolines, and a trampoline-and-basketball-hoop combo, cageball, a huge trampoline thing, and a couple dodgeball courts.  It's a VERY clever gimmick.

Anyway, he was trying to dunk, I guess, and maybe he possibly didn't have mad skills?  Maybe just frustrated skills?!



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