Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Imagine That! ~ My Dream School ~

Today I was thinking, what if I posted on something really unique, something interesting?  Something like what I call....IMAGINE THAT!

Imagine That! will be basically a series on "your dream _____."  For example, "your dream restaurant."  I'm going to be posting on what my dream _____ would be, what it would have, etc. 

At the end, I'm going to include instructions on how to do your own IMAGINE THAT! and if you know me personally and have my e-mail (I'm going to try to get an e-mail that all viewers can access me at), then you could send it to me.  With your permission, I might post it in future posts of "Imagine That!"  So start thinking!

Today's Imagine That! is My Dream School.

Everyone, pretty much everyone, does NOT like school.  I like school, kind of (nerd material or what???).  But I have a lot of ideas on how to make school a lot better.

School would be made a lot better by making the building itself more interesting.  My school is a church building, and there's not a whole lot we can do with it.  We've got paper cutouts and bulletin boards and dry-erase boards, but it's not that phenomenal.  To make school even more awesome than it already is, first of all, I'd plant a teleporting machine at the doorway of each and every house.  That way, my mom won't have to drive, and it won't take up that much time. to get there  Basically, I could hop out of bed at eight, eat breakfast and get ready in thirty minutes, and teleport to school by eight-thirty.  And I wouldn't even have to lug my forty-pound backpack to my classroom--I'd have a tiny thin tablet with everything I need on it, even a stylus-pencil thing that sends my homework (wait, there's no homework!) right to the teacher!

When I appear in my classroom, I'd be in a regular classroom, but it wouldn't be just any classroom.  It'd be something like a room with holograms, supercomputers, and high-tech equipment.  Each student would have their own desk, with a holographic computer (like Ironman's in The Avengers) and touch-screens (I'm obsessed with them, I told you already) and supercool goggles.  For tests and quizzes--oh, wait!  We wouldn't be taking tests or quizzes for boringly hard subjects like math or science.  We'd be doing subjects like Design Your Own Personalized Hologram Avatar, or write books that would immediately be published!  With so many new inventions, recess wouldn't be just your classic playground-and-dodgeball (boooring!).  It'd be Superhero Dodgeball, where you'd teleport into a video game called Superhero Dodgeball.  You adapt a Superhero's powers (say, the Flash) and choose teams.  You play dodgeball using those superpowers, not being, in my case, my own klutzy, physically weak self!  It would be SO COOL!

No homework!  Instead, you stretch your creative mind by inventing more holographic teleporting video games, or fuse together a chicken broth molecule and a molecule of ice cream, creating Chicken Cream (and, with special flavor-enhancing powder, make it taste good!). 

Like my example?  MAKE UP YOUR OWN!  My Dream School.  Some things you can include in your imaginary school:

1) The subjects  (Dance, Basketball-Disco Fusion, Invent An Animal)
2) The building (Slides, Teleporting, Flying, NO BUILDING AT ALL)
3) The people (Aliens, Humans, Human Aliens, Animals)
4) The recess activities (Superhero Dodgeball, Danceathon Competitions)
5) The teachers (the Grinch, Elmo, Dora, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Lebron James)

Be creative!  Be fun!  And don't think of it as writing.  You could also create drawings of the school, including what it has and such.  Make sure you write in a clear way.

E-mail me your entry.  And totally have an awesome time with it.

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