Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's time to walk....!!

If a person asked what I did today, what would I say?

Well, today I walked to school.

Not my school-school.  My future school, a public school about two miles from my house (rough estimate of distance).  My school-school takes 25 minutes to get car.

I've been extremely excited because I haven't walked to school since first grade.  And my parents might let me walk by myself.

It's funny, because when I read books, I can not relate them to my life.  Other kids walk to the nearest ice cream shop; I don't walk anywhere.  Other kids play the PS3; I don't even play the Wii.  Other kids walk to school or take the bus.  I don't know what a schoolbus looks like (okay, I do) and walking to school has been unheard-of for a long time because I'm part homeschooled (so I have to walk 20 feet; big deal.  Whooppee, I walk to school.  Excuse me, I LIVE at school!). 

Today, after a long period of time during which I begged my parents, I walked to school.  School hasn't started yet; I wanted to try it out.

It took me literally 30 minutes to get to school (not even counting coming back).

Isn't the whole point of walking to school so your parent doesn't have to drive you, it's so close? 

I walked down the street, walked for ten minutes, then turned right and went up this one hill for ten-fifteen minutes, then crossed the street and went down and up this other giant hill. 

I had planned on walking to there and back home.  Well, I got out of that because of the invention of two things: 1) cell phones, and 2) parents who drive cars.  My mom picked me up in the parking lot at the school (I hope nobody thought I was, like, ditching class). 

Our compromise?  My mom dropping me off at a different (I believe shorter) route. 

Who knew that walking would be so complicated?

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