Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Just Today

Today deserves its own post. 

Well, first of all, let me just tell you that aside from being away from my home in over twelve hours, planning a bake sale, and having birds eating up my food, today was a very normal day.

And that wasn't all.

I woke up this morning, expecting it to be a lovely day and da-dee-da-dee-da.  Weeellll, it wasn't.  Right off the bat, it wasn't.

I usually wake up at 6:45 albeit my REALLY LOUD ANNOYING alarm.  Let me first tell you about my alarm.  I usually set it around 6:45, and it blasts out the local Christian radio station.  It is small and white, and it ALWAYS wakes me up.  And most importantly, I set it across the room on my desk so I'd actually have to get up and turn it off.

Well, that doesn't work.  I just got up today, turned it off, and snoozed back in bed.

I usually wake up in twenty or so minutes, but this time, I woke up at SEVEN TWENTY-SIX.  That's a natural disaster for me.  SEVEN TWENTY-SIX is 4 minutes from SEVEN THIRTY, and SEVEN THIRTY is ten minutes before SEVEN FORTY, which is ten minutes before SEVEN FIFTY, which is usually crunch time (and even then we don't usually leave until 8).  So you might be thinking, big deal.  Nope.  That's a catastrophe!

I zoomed into high mode, doing things really fast until I realized that I had thirty minutes before leaving...which is pretty a lot.

But still.  BIG DEAL.

I went downstairs and packed my lunch.  I've been getting really hungry after lunch by the end of my schoolday (3:30), and so I promised myself I'd pack a really good lunch.  And I did.  I did Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips, two halves of flatbread steak-cheese-and-mayo sandwich, a bag of carrots, and a really moist chocolate cake pop.  I was really looking forward to that lunch.  And since I don't like lugging a huge gray heavy-duty army-looking lunchbag around, I put it in a Vons plastic bag.

Then I ate two halves of a peanut butter sandwich (we ran out of jam) and a smoothie, and my brother came down because he overslept.

We were in kind of a rush already, so we left the house around 8 and got to school.  I put my lunch on the outside lunch tables (we have a really small school) and went up to my history class.

I came out after the class, and I saw one of the administrative assistants putting a bunch of lunches on a small table in the hallway.  I didn't know why, but I looked downstairs on the table.

No lunch.

Then I went back up and looking at the table.  I saw a Vons bag and thought, "Oh, whew" when I looked inside and saw cantaloupe.  No, I wish it were mine, but it wasn't.

Then I went downstairs and went back up and sooner or later I asked the teacher where my lunch was.

It turns out, the crows got into it.


And oh, joy, I get to have half a lunch with my brother.  My plan to eat satisfactorily backfired on me.

And of course, today he chose to sleep in and skip breakfast.  So naturally he was grumpy.

I ate one of those really hard granola bars that comes in two and half of my brother's pasta and steak.  So I wasn't starving.  Not by a long shot.

I spent the rest of the school day blowing my nose and thinking about fainting (but naturally I didn't.  I mean, I wasn't that hungry.  It wasn't great of me to make a big deal out of it.  I mean, it was my fault for leaving it outside).

I thought the day was over, but it wasn't.  At 2-something my mom forwarded me a text asking if I could go over to my friend's house to plan a bake sale we were having on Saturday.  I was excited to (I love selling things I bake) and so I did.  After my last class, my brother and I got into my mom's car.  And my hunger pains were appeased, thanks to a glorious invention called MCDONALD'S!!!

I had two chicken snack wraps, one Ranch and one Honey Mustard.  My brother had a cheeseburger made out of pink goop (but he was happy to see it).  I devoured mine, then stopped by my friend's house.  We're planning the bake sale together because my friend wanted to donate the proceeds to our church's mission trip.  She has siblings who play intense soccer, so we're going to go around selling it at the fields.

I'm supposed to make 16 blueberry muffins and 20 chocolate-chip cookies on sticks.

It's going to be an interesting week.

After an hour at my friend's house, I still didn't get to go home.  I went to my brother's baseball game and tried to attempt some schoolwork, but apparently my mom put my backpack in the garage while I was at my friend's house.  My backpack has all my major stuff in it.  So I did Monday's homework for art class with one of those tiny pens (that come with those notepads) that writes in blue ink. 

New experiences are broadening, even when you write out the answer to "When was the Safavid period and what did it produce?" in blue letters.

Around 6:15, my mom and I went to the local library for "Teen Poetry Cafe Night."  At the cafe night, they announced the winners for a poetry contest I'd entered.

My poem entry was entitled "Hidden in Plain Sight" and was about...well, look on the LIMITED-TIME-ONLY page "Hidden in Plain Sight" on the tabs at the top.  There, you can read it.

I'm happy because I got 2nd out of 9 people in the Jr. High Division.

That Cafe Night was also a broadening experience because out of, say, ten people that were there, only 3 (out of like 25 entries) people had actually entered the contest.  I was the only Jr. Higher.

Some of the poems were decent (like a poem groaning about how some people attain their grades by cheating), while others were....eeeeh.  One person wrote about a movie night (specifically Jurassic Park in 3D), while another wrote about tennis, while yet another person wrote about roses.

The typical stuff.  I don't think any of us are future Walt Whitmans or Emily Dickinsons.

My tale is almost over.  My mom and I left the Cafe Night, bearing the prize I'd won (gift card!), two certificates, a goodie bag full of candy (my siblings jumped at that), and two chapbooks with all the entries in them. 

We went back to the baseball field, where my brother had closed his baseball game to a 7-1 win, and where my other brother (the one who'd skipped breakfast) was playing baseball with his hard-core Little League team.

I played around a little, and when my brother was done, my family headed over to our local yogurt place. 

Mmmmmm...Mint Creme, English Toffee Pudding, Mexican Hot Chocolate, and Chocolate Milkshake.  Smooth, creamy, elegant, sweet.  Topped by English toffee crumbles and Heath bar and caramel (yep, I'm that kind of person).  The perfect way to end an interesting day.

Overall, this day was interesting.  I can describe it like candy.  Sour Patch Kids in one part, topped by dark chocolate, then that topped by caramel and toffee.  Interesting mix, but that describes my life. 

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