Thursday, April 4, 2013

Serious Thoughts on Sports

BASKETBALL.  It's not one of my favorite sports because to me, it just isn't really...?  The ingenuity of James Naismith (the inventor of basketball) is amazing.  But to me, baseball and tennis reign.  They're the most entertaining, they're the most suspenseful to watch.  I think I like sports better when it's hard to score.

My dad, my bros, and I went to an NBA game last night!!!  I was excited because the players on the team are famous people and it's kinda cool being in the same vicinity as they are.  I like sports probably a little more than the next girl--particularly baseball, GO ANGELS!--and if you read about me in one of the tabs at the top of this page, you'd see all my favorite teams. 

One thing before I tell you what happened: I always wonder what the players think about the hullabaloo about them and their team and their stuff.  Like, there are giant pictures of them and they're spokespeople for cars and there are all these cool videos about them and they tell people to, I don't know, do good things and they're part of the team's charity.  But what do they think of doing all that?  At the beginning, the announcer calls out all the names and they amp it up to hype the crowd, but I want to know what the players think of all that.  Do they find it cool, like the crowd obviously does?  Is it just routine?  Or are they annoyed that they have to go through that every home game, when they just want to beat the other team, fly away in the playoffs to the Finals, and get a ring and glory?  Do they care about the crowd's reaction, or is it just something to get past to their goal: the NBA Finals?

I wonder what I would find if I could, I don't know, fuse my mind into LeBron's or Kobe's and see what they think about everything that's put on for them.

They began the game, and pretty soon it was obvious that our team was going to win. 

We won.  But since I'm not a basketball person, I got bored.

On TV it seems like, well, faster, because there's commerical breaks and things like those, but when you're there in real life, you've got to deal with a lot of stuff that interrupts the game.  I'm listing them here because if I don't list them and just rant about them then you'd probably just skip the bulk of it and read the end.

1) Annoying Hosts/Hostesses Who Introduce Fans that Never Win the Contests That Make Them Rich.  I guess that's two in one--annoying hosts/hostesses/DJs, and contests they put on during timeouts/quarter breaks, during which fans try to make baskets from half-court and win free cars.  *I have a friend who wants to be a DJ when she grows up, and I ask of her now: if you ever get invited to a basketball game to put on music, PLEASE go easy on the bass!  I was literally vibrating because the DJ that was there put on 1) Rap, and 2) heightened the bass so it BOOM BOOM BOOM-ed and since I was sitting by a wall everything VIBRATED and I thought I was going to have a heart attack!
2) Cheerleaders. 
3) Commercials.  They made the scoreboard really really huge--it's one of those multi-faceted ones--and it's like you're in a movie theater with basketball game (bah, humbug, you come for the movie) being played underneath.  And everyone says it's supposed to keep track of the score--which it does--but in reality, it's so people can make more money by showing commericals for cars and for recycling and stuff.
4) "DE-FENSE!  DE-FENSE!"  I didn't actually hear that at my game, but there were plenty of other things that went on.  For example, free throws by the other team.  When free throws went on (by the other team), the entire stadium, practically, would go, "BOOOOOOOOO."  Purh-lease.  And on one side, players who did free throws at this particular basket were entranced by a bunch of fans who banged these blow-up plastic thingies together, making a distracting noise and sight.  I feel so bad for the opposing teams!  <but then, I guess they're used to it>  The crowd is annoying.  Why can't we just be QUIET?!
5) Salespeople. Everywhere you look, people are selling things.  Food, trips, raffle tickets, beanies, clothes, even useless huge red foam hands that supposedly cheer your team on.  Why aren't your hands good enough?  And what gets me is that basically everything is so stinkin' overpriced! 

Would I have enjoyed the game more if there weren't these things around?  Maybe.  I'm trying to imagine that.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Like I said, I get bored and the contests and hostess and DJs are meant to entertain.  At the same time, I'm annoyed at the greediness of us human beings, through the salespeople and commercials.  For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  Definitely.

One last thing: FIGHT.  There was almost literally full-blown fight on court.  One guy had another in a was scary, it was hopeless, but it was a change, so I watched in fascination (but I'm disgusted that I thought it was entertaining: first of all, because I was there to watch basketball, not commercials or anything that wasn't, and second of all, because fights are terrible).  Both players who fought got ejected, but the player from our team got a standing ovation.  I was like, SERIOUSLY?  He was the one who started it all, he was the one most involved!  I was indignant.

To tell you the truth, I'm not a basketball person.  I might go to a game just for the experience of it, but I'll never fully appreciate it like I do a good book or an "inspiration" when I'm writing.  Sports are just not my thing.

Sometimes, I'd just rather stay at home and read a book.  It's puzzling to figure all this out.

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