Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Serial~ The Kuehl Kids Part 5

"Did they say I was naive?" one of the four faces asked.
"You seemed like it," another retorted.
"They said all of you seemed naive," a new voice, deep, heavy, and thoughtfully dangerous one, said. "Good."
The light flickered on as, on-screen, Almira and the Professor walked out of the Vision Room.
Jasper Jalling rubbed his hands together in maniacal glee as his "children" gathered around him for the Pre-Attack Pep Talk (or, as they called it, the P.A.P.T.). "We didn't come this far just to lose," he said, "to a bunch of witless kittens, did we?"
"No!" everyone shouted.
"Are we going be victors over them and win the world?" Jalling shouted.
"Yes!" everyone hollered back.
"Are you going to execute our plan?" Jalling lowered his voice to a low, menacing whisper.
"Yes," the children whispered back.
"Are you going to lose?" Jalling hissed.
"You better not," Jalling said with an evil chuckle. Then he looked at his watch. "Time to prepare and run through the plan."
He pressed a tiny silver button on the wall. "Butler, the dummies, if you will."
There were two muffled taps amid bursts of static, and Jalling released the button with another evil chuckle. Then he looked at the kids, who promptly scurried away to their own Training Room.

Jalling watched from another camera as the robotic dummies, representing the Kuehl Kids, battled valiantly against his own crew. But the combined power of Fier's fireballs, Invisa's invisible force fields, Swifte's whirlwinds, and Quake's groundshaking earthquakes were too much. At the end of a hard hour's work of fighting, the dummies lay smoldering on the ground, while the four stood on the ground, breathing hard, watching the ruins.
Jalling looked satisfactorily at the four.
The Kuehl Kids did not have a chance.

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