Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Serial~ The Kuehl Kids Part 6

Instead of training, however, the Kuehl Kids began to plan.
They were in the girls' bedroom.  One side of room was painted a bright, blinding yellow that could have been first cousin to the sun.  The other side of the room was wallpapered with a blue flowered pattern. 
Electra and Ally sat on Ally's bed, while Tyler and Walter sat on Electra's bed.  The four were serious.
"What do you think we should do?" Ally asked Walter.
Walter cleared his throat.  It made him feel grown up to be consulted.  Sometimes, he felt that he was just an invisible shadow because his personality was different from everyone else's.  He was quiet and calm, unlike the vivacious, sparky Electra, the argumentative, good-hearted Tyler, and the talkative, cheerful Ally.  He spent the most time in his zone of the Creativity Workshop, tinkering with his robots.  He was also the least aggressive.
"Wait," he said.  "Watch.  Be suspicious of everything peculiar."
Electra lay down and crackled her fingers at the lightbulb.  It went out.  She sparked it to life again.  Then she sat back up.
"I think we should do what he said, but honestly, we don't have much to go on."
Walter shrugged.  "I know.  That's why we have to watch."
"Do you honestly think they were as unsmart as they seemed, or were they just faking it?" Ally asked.
"I bet they were faking it," Electra said.  "Nobody's that unsmart."  Then she added, "But they don't know that we live here.  The Professor's cloaking device is pretty accurate.  So how would they know where to spy?"
There was a short silence as the question hung in the air.
"Swifte is a smart one," said Tyler.  "I could tell she thought that the sign was fake."
"Who wouldn't?" Ally said.  "It's the perfect cover-up...Too perfect."
"How would they know to search here in the first place?" Electra asked.
"Do you guys think they're going to attack?" Walter asked timidly.
"Yes," said Tyler.
"No, I don't think so," said Ally.
"Why not?" Electra argued.

As the three argued it out, Walter looked at the lightbulb.  After Electra's short shockwave, it flickered a bit from time to time.
He felt so confused.  So lost. 

So alone.

The figure sat in the dark room, watching the Professor and Almira confer inside the Vision Room. 
It looked at Almira for a long time.  Then with a wistful sigh, the figure flipped the computer off and pressed the intercom button.

"Jalling, the time's come."  The figure could barely keep the bitterness out of his voice.

Inside the helicopter above the patch of land that covered the Underground, Jasper Jalling grinned evilly after hearing the words.  His four proteges crouched inside the helicopter with him.  They, too, grinned evilly.  They thought it was a great plan.  After all, Jasper had come up with it, hadn't he?  And after all, wasn't he a genius? everyone thought.

Jasper Jalling tossed a small black cube down through the open copter door.  Then he pressed a button on his black wristwatch.

A minute later, a small red light flashed on his watch.
Jalling smiled.  That meant that the mission had begun.

The Kuehl Kids were going dooooown.

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