Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Serial~ The Kuehl Kids Part 7

The lights flickered out in the girls' room.  Complete darkness fell.
The conversation stopped abruptly. 
"Electra!" three voices exclaimed.
"I didn't do anything."  Electra's voice sounded frantic.  "I didn't."
"Turn it back on."  Tyler's voice sounded almost lazy.  "And hurry up."
There was a faint sizzling sound, then nothing.
"What?!" Electra practically shrieked.  There was a muffled thump on the ground.  "I can't!"
"Try again," Walter urged.  Something was in the air.  He could feel it.
Another faint sizzling sound.  Then silence.
"I can't."  Electra's voice sounded timid.  And scared.  Formerly boisterous Electra was now afraid. 
"Tyler, teleport for help," Walter ordered.
"Aye-aye, captain," Tyler said.  There was a short pause.  Then there was another sound, except it seemed like a squelching noise.
"I can't."  Tyler's tone was more serious.
"Try flying, Ally."  Walter had a suspicion that was growing by the moment.
Above the ceiling, muffled thumps were heard.  Voices.  Kids' voices.
"It's an attack," Electra said dully.
"I can't," Ally said.  "My wings won't come out."
"Walter, water," said Tyler.
"It's no use trying," Walter said.  He tried to jump off the bed but ended up landing on a body.
"Ow!" squawked Electra.  "I'm on the floor!"
Despite the tangled limbs, Electra and Walter managed to sort themselves out.  It was hard because nobody could see.  They ended up having to talk to each other constantly to work it out. 
Footsteps were sounding in the hall.
The silence was deadly.
"What do we do?" Electra hissed.  "Our powers are gone."
"Wouldn't their powers be gone too?" Tyler asked.
Just then, rumblings began.  First, low thunderous noises, escalating to an earthshaking movement.  Walter felt like his head was inside his stomach.  His jaw vibrated.  Chunks of ceiling and dirt came crumbling down, scattering on his hair.  He didn't move.  He couldn't.
"They're here."  Ally's words weren't necessary.

The moment had arrived.

Swifte, Fier, Quake, and Invisa punched down the door (there was a thwack) and stepped into the room.  The earthquakes ceased. 

All of them were wearing bright blue spacesuits with an embroidered "JJ" on them in white thread.  Helmets covered their heads, and Invisa, visible for once, carried a candle.  It lit up the room, just barely.

"We meet at long last," said Swifte with a relish.  She stopped by Tyler.  "Tyler, I presume."
Fier cracked his knuckles.  He gave a short nod, a simper lighting up his face.  "Ally."
"Walter," Invisa said in a neutral tone, her voice surprisingly ringing clear as a bell.  There was menace in her blue eyes.
"Electra," said Quake, hissing.  Rumblings began again, but presently stopped.

"Good day, Kuehl Kids," Swifte said, pacing up and down the room.  "We meet at long last."

"You've already said that," Electra said defiantly.
"So I have," Swifte said.  She smiled coolly.  "I'm just figuring out the best way to rub in the fact that you are being captured."

"It's already rubbed in."  Walter's voice was dull, but anticipation was glowing in his heart.
"I want to rub it in even more," Swifte whispered, her voice seeming like sharp knives that pierced all of the Kuehl Kids' hope.
"Why are you capturing us, not injuring us?  You've got your suits on from...whatever this is."  Ally's voice sounded ringing and clear.

Interrogation, thought Walter.  Ally was digging for more information.  The Professor had taught them well.

"Oh, I'm not going to tell you," Swifte laughed.  "I know all the interrogation tactics, too.  (All the kids shivered) We'll just need to capture you and bring you to Jasper Jalling.  I think he needs you for something.  Perhaps you've heard of him?"
Without waiting for an answer, she said to Fier, "Fier.  Ring of Fire, please."
She then added, "This won't hurt you unless you anger Fier unwittingly.  He could cause a little solar flare that burns up to the first degree.  Nothing serious, but it'll be uncomfortable."

The Kuehl Kids watched in horror as Fier formed a thin, fiery whip with a loop at the end.  Then he prepared to lasso it onto them.

Walter gritted his teeth.  He knew he had no chance against these people.  He knew he could die.

But he also knew that Jalling needed him for something.  Which in this case meant that he was going to stay alive.  For the time being.

Without any signal of any sort, Walter hurled himself at Fier. 

Then, to everyone's surprise, water gushed out of his hands and put out Fier's fiery rope.

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