Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Serial~ The Kuehl Kids Part 8

Walter looked at his hands, surprised.

For a moment, everyone was gaping.

"I thought the PowerCloak worked on you too!" Fier exclaimed.

"FIER!" Swifte hollered. 
Fier looked confused.  Then he hung his head.  "I wasn't supposed to give that away."

"FIER!" Swifte hollered again.
"You should probably just be quiet," Ally advised him.

Walter could see Electra pondering the word "PowerCloak" out of the corner of his eye.

"What are we waiting for?" Swifte said.  "Capture!"

Walter acted in a split second.  Within seconds, Swifte, Fier, Invisa, and Quake were standing in blocks of Walter's superspecial unmelting ice.  Only their arms and heads were uniced.

"Get me out of this!" Swifte demanded. 

"No comprendo," Tyler said.  He got off of the bed.  "Sorry, ma'am."  He swept her a mock bow.  "What do we do now, Walter?"

All of the Kuehl Kids were respectfully looking at him. 
Walter felt important.  He basked in their attention.  "Well, we should call the Professor and Almira." 

"That's right!" Ally jumped up.  "The Professor!  And Almira!  What happened to them?"
Walter's heart raced with alarm.  "Don't tell me," he said.  Then he whirled to Swifte, who was still struggling to get rid of her ice block.  "What did you do to them?"

"We--" began Fier.

"BE QUIET!" shouted Swifte.  Then she turned to Walter with a taunting grin.  "You mean the old man and the lady?"

"But we--" Fier started.

"BE QUIET!" Swifte shouted for a second time.

Ally stood off to the side, surveying the two.  Then she said, "You didn't do anything, did you?  You're bluffing."

Swifte glowered.  She opened her mouth to reply, but Ally looked at her friends.  "She's lying."

"You just broke one of the Ten Commandments," Tyler said matter-of-factly to Swifte.  "You know that's not right, right?"

"BE QUIET!" Swifte glared ferociously.

"I bet they're in the electrical room," Ally told Walter and the others.  "We've got to get them before these folks escape."

"I'll go," Walter said.  Electra also volunteered.

"Keep a close eye on them," Electra said, knowing that Tyler was prone to distraction and that Ally was often absentminded.  "Don't get off track."

"Aye, aye, captain," Tyler said, saluting.

The electrical room was just a couple of acres away.  The two looked at each other.  Then Walter said, "Time to slide."

He quickly "built" a slippery ice block, complete with handlebars, feeling for it in the darkness (he had left the candle with Ally and Tyler).  "Hold on tight."  The two climbed on top of it, sat like they were riding a motorcycle, held on tight, and shifted forward.  The block slid forward, gained acceleration, and melted by the friction that was caused.  This caused it to become more slippery, and Walter and Electra soon were moving at a steady, quick pace, being controlled by Walter's appropriate water blasts and his vast knowledge of the hallways.

As they were nearing the approximate halfway point to their destination, a chunk of ceiling plopped down in front of them.  Just one chunk.  Walter, who had heard the dull thump just in time, swerved to avoid it, nearly colliding with the hallway wall.

Then the rumblings started.  They shook the earth, and more ceiling rained down, enough to keep all of the Kuehl Kids busy for a year.  Walter stopped the block and got off.  A huge block of plaster missed him by an inch. 

The Professor and Almira came racing by on the Professor's moped, its headlight barely lighting anything up, their eyes wild.  "What's happening?" the Professor called to the kids.  "Come on!"

Electra and Walter climbed on.  The moped stretched to accomodate all of them.  "GET TO MY ROOM ASAP!" Electra hollered above the rumble of the earth. The Professor nodded.  Then with a sad but wicked grin, he pressed the giant EMERGENCY button. 

Amidst the raining ceiling, the four zoomed faster than the speed of light, teleporting like Tyler.  When they arrived at the girls' room, a sad scene greeted them.

Invisa, Swifte, Quake, and Fier were gone.  But that wasn't the only news.

Ally and Tyler had disappeared too.

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