Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Write Stuff

I'm a lazy writer.  I prefer typing 'inspirations' (my stories) to actually writing them.

So when it comes to actually writing, such as for school, I've naturally grown lazy.  I don't form all my letters properly.  My letters run into one another.  I write half-cursive, half-print, and my cursive is pretty sloppy.  On a side note, my writing is kind of schizophrenic (multiple personalities).  Sometimes I'm neat; other times I'm stinking messy and go outside of the lines. 

But in a way, it's cool to see how I write when I'm sloppy.  It's a bit like optical illusions.  For example, I wrote some words, and how I sometimes form my letters. 

*I was in a "halfway-neat" mood today, so it doesn't look exactly like my cursive-print handwriting.  Also, I probably should have flipped most of these pictures...Oh, well.  That's what necks are for, right?

*On a scale of 1-10, that title's cheesiness is an 8.  I mean, how many times do people call things "cool stuff"?

When I was doing a project on Africa last year, I figured out that if I made an N and put a dot above the right side of it, it looks like an r and an i.  A-F-N-C-A.

This is an untrue writing style--my n's usually don't run into my y.  But I thought it looked cool (there I go again, "cool stuff").  You can do ANYTHING with y's.

I was writing a word and I told myself I could merge the e into an o and add a tail to the o.  SEA!
Merge the E into the D.  How funny is that?
Oops--I cut the humility off.  Oh, well, what I did was I made the 't', then formed a 'y' from the bottom of it.  The 'pay' is the one I do the most.  I don't actually form another 'y'--I just merge the letters.

I'm doing a report on Mary Cassatt, an American Impressionist painter, and look what my handwriting did.  See the 't' and 's' in "portraits"?

Here's another double-whammy.  Ignore the dollar signs and the 'y'; look at the 'pai' part of "painting."  Put a dot over the a, and it gives you the illusion that there's a whole separate 'i'!
Okay, that's my library of handwriting.
MythBuster: You know how people say they can 'interpret' a person's personality through how they write?
Some of the stuff is SOMETIMES true--like, for example, if you're outgoing and popular, your handwriting might naturally be big.  If you're introverted, your handwriting might be naturally be small.  But there are always exceptions.  So if you're a future Sherlock Holmes, don't do the handwriting thing.  Because what they say is always more important than how they wrote what they said.
So...speaking of Mary Cassatt and art, I have another picture...
I'm a Converse-sneaker kind of girl.  I don't wear Vans; I don't own a pair of Toms, Bobs, Larrys, whatever. 
The assignment was a bit like, "draw something new and old and contrast them."  Well, my Converse are old, but they're not ancient.  So hopefully I don't get points marked off... ;)


Life is busy.  I'm prepping to go to a new school, all the while trying to finish the school year well, striving to be a good daughter, etc., etc.  So I'm sorry if the posts have been kind of short.
Oh, and I have another ? Question of the Day ?:
?Q?: Do Amish wear contacts?
My mom said no. 

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