Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Just Some Thoughts


I'm not sure about people in other cities/counties/states/countries/worlds/universes (which defeats the purpose of a universe...but whatever!) but all I know is that school is almost over for me and the other schools in my district.  And like most people, I'm looking forward to it...but it's bittersweet, because I'm leaving the school I'm currently at for a much different school.

So right now I'm torn.

Well, anyway, I just wrote something and I erased it.  So...as a last resort, I will write down some points I made during a speech I had to give today to my class. 

My topic was "Why You Should Play The Piano."

Well, let me tell you one thing, some people are very prejudiced against playing the piano...hint, hint (just kidding ;).  I play the piano.  I have personal experience with it (like, 6-7-8 years?) But at one time or another, people have tried playing the piano (and quit).

Here are some reasons why people quit:
  • It's boring
  • They're discouraged
  • It's boring and they're discouraged
  • It takes up too much time
  • They think it's time to quit (1 1/2 levels is enough, right?)
  • It's just not "their thing"
Well, let me tell you something: there are SO many benefits to playing the piano that all the drawbacks pale in comparison.  Some points I have to COUNTER the "why I quit" reasons are...
  1. Playing piano enhances your love for your own music (you start to get a motivation to practice) and it enhances your love for other people's music.
  2. Playing piano helps you socially.  If you like rap, you only talk to other people who like rap.  But if you start taking piano lessons and like classical music, you can talk to people who like a. rap, b. classical music, and c. both rap and classical.  It helps you be more relatable.
  3. According to the University of Sarasota and East Texas State University (and probably other colleges who have conducted similar studies), playing piano enhances your math, literature, and science skills (that's pretty much got it covered).
  4. It enhances testtaking skills.
  5. It helps with independent coordination (right hand's playing something; left hand's playing something different).
  6. Musical notes is a different language (it's not English).  When you're reading music, you're reading a different language.  When you take a foreign language, reading music helps.
  7. Playing piano is the visually best way to learn your notes.  From there, you can learn chords to play for church or switch to a different instrument.
  8. Playing piano, forcing yourself to practice it, will eventually build up discipline, perseverance, persistance, and patience, all of which are EXTREMELY important in life.

THAT is why you should play the piano.

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