Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Serial~ The Kuehl Kids Part 11

Almira smiled.  "Yes, he is," she said.

Walter and Electra both gaped at her.  "I thought he was dead!" Electra exclaimed disbelievingly.

"Electra, you want me to be dead?" the hologram said wryly. 

Electra opened her mouth, then shut it.  "Of course not," she said.  "I'm just...surprised."

"I'd be surprised if I'd been told all my life that Charles was dead and suddenly he resurrected," Almira said.  "Anyway, Charles operates a secret underground network dedicated to defeating evil in the world.  The Servants' Quarters in Jasper Jalling's hideout lead to the American HQ."

"Oh.  My.  Goodness," Electra said.  The hologram now showed the vast darkness with the tubes that led to a giant platform hundreds of feet underground.  "How come you haven't overthrown Jasper Jalling before then?  Don't you have, like, a lot of people?"

"First of all, Jasper has a lot of people," Almira began.  "To fight him would be like waging a battle that the overworld civilians would have to be involved in.  So no.  And second of all, we don't have a lot of people.  It's basically the Superhero Club from the old days."

"Wait, you mean Ally's parents and Tyler's uncle works for the SC in the network of defeating evil?" Walter said.  He felt a weird feeling stirring inside him.

Almira nodded.  "We call ourselves the D. G.  Defenders of Good," she said with a wry smile.  "Very original, but we wanted to get to the point.  It's basically Ally's parents, Tyler's uncle, my husband, and, well..."  Almira glanced at the Professor.

"Tell them," the Professor said.

"Invisa, Swifte, Fier, and Quake.  All their parents are in the D.G.  Just not the kids," Almira said.

"You're kidding," said Electra.

"I kid you not."  Almira leaned back in her chair. 

"So they've been watching Jalling take over their kids?" Walter asked incredulously.

Almira hesitated.  "Well, Walter," she said.  "What could we do?  There was one failed attempt to let the kids see their parents; if Jalling had found out..."  Her voice trailed off. 

That seemed like a wimpy reason to Walter, but he let it go temporarily as Almira stood up and looked at the hologram.  "How close are you to the end point, Charles?" she asked.

"Two and a half minutes," Charles Dillwin replied.

"Good," Almira said, glancing at her watch and then up at the hole in the ceiling.  "That should be enough time."

 *     *     *
"What is this place?" Ally asked, looking around. 
Charles Dillwin, Ally, and Tyler were standing at a huge gray platform with green knobs all over it.  The platform was lit by lights embedded in the metal, and it seemed to be suspended in midair underground. 
"It's the Defenders of Good American HQ," Charles replied.  He glanced at his watch.  "I'll explain everything later.  First, we need to get to the end point."
He began walking rapidly towards a white-lit doorway at the end of the platform.  Then he looked back.  "We'd better hurry," he said, breaking into a run.
Tyler grabbed his arm.  "Why are we hurrying?  Where are you taking us?"  He took a deep breath before saying, "I'm staying here until I get answers."
"Tyler, not now!" Charles' eyes widened.  "Okay.  The Defenders of Good includes the Superhero Club.  Your uncle and Ally's parents.  And some other people.  We're fighting Jasper Jalling.  This is all part of the plan to get you out of here and to fighting the other kids.  We have to hurry.  I think Jasper Jalling knows something about us."
"How can we trust you?" Ally asked. 
"Kids!  You're killing me."  Charles looked at the floor.  He ran his hand through his hair.  Then he twisted his watch.  A hologram of Almira popped up.
"What is it, Charles?" she asked.
"Oh," said Tyler.  He felt remarkably unsmart.
"Nothing, we'll meet you there."  Charles broke into a run.  Ally and Tyler followed him. 
"Use your powers," Charles urged them.  "Go through the doorway!  Run!"
Tyler disappeared with a zapping noise, and Ally sprouted wings.  With the air of freedom, she rushed through the portal. 
Charles breathed a sigh of relief.  He entered the portal.
At the same instant, Jasper Jalling, Invisa, Fier, Quake, and Swifte stepped onto the platform.
Jalling's face spread wide with glee.  "We've got them now," he said.  "At 'em, kids!"

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