Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sunday Serial~The Kuehl Kids Part 10 PREVIEW

Ally and Tyler couldn't argue. And besides, there was something about Charles Dillwin that they trusted. They didn't completely trust him, of course. But they didn't fully distrust him.

Dillwin led the two down a hallway. Blinking in the brightness, Ally and Tyler noted that the passage was completely white, with dirty white linoleum. A single lightbulb seemed to light up the entire hallway.

"Here," he said, turning into a door marked "Servants' Quarters."

"Servant?" Ally said incredulously as Dillwin pushed the two of them into the room.

It was dark and dirty. The single lightbulb didn't entirely light up the room. The bed was a cornhusk mattress, partly rotted away. A table with a dented spoon and a couple of cans of Spam was pushed in the corner.

"You live here?" Tyler said, looking around him.

"Of course not," Dillwin said, not unkindly. He pressed a white button on his watch, and the bed suddenly disappeared, as if something sucked it underneath. He looked up. "Hurry."

"Can't I just teleport somewhere?" Tyler asked.

"If you so much as teleport half an inch, alarms will ring and Jalling and his band of rude mindless proteges will be here in an instant. And where will Ally be then?" Dillwin said. He jumped down the dark hole that had replaced the bed. "Get in here. Quick."

With a slight hesitation, Tyler dove into the hole. Ally jumped a little more primly.

They appeared in three separate glass cylinders that went down tubes. Tyler and Ally could see a huge network of tubes twisting and turning, and other people riding in more of them. Where did the tubes lead? To a seemingly endless, dark bottomless pit.

"What on earth?" Tyler said to himself. "Where is Dillwin taking us?"

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