Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Serial~The Kuehl Kids Part 12

Ally felt like she was being squeezed, pushed, pulled, and yanked in all directions--all in a blinding white light.  Tyler felt like he was passing through a tunnel of pain and whiteness, then came out. 

They landed with a splat on cold linoleum floor, stomachs heaving.

"I'm going to throw up," Ally moaned, her eyes still closed.  Then something was pressed into her mouth.  She swallowed and immediately gagged, but got the foul tablet down.

She felt better.

Tyler ate the pill, too, and stood up. 

Charles had appeared standing up, and he declined the offer of the pill.  "That was the DeMaterializer," he said.  "It transports you to a certain place.  You are in the Defenders of Good lab."

Ally and Tyler looked around with wide eyes.

There were three people in the lab, which was spacious and sparkling clean.  Several experiments, all involving bubbling, colorful liquids, were hooked up to one another, and seven computers (Ally counted) were all processing information.  It was the best-looking lab Ally and Tyler had ever been in. 

But what gratified the two Kuehl Kids the most was the fact that the three people were familiar.  They were, indeed, Ally's parents and Tyler's uncle.

"Mom!" The word sounded almost foreign to Ally's tongue, but she thrust herself into her mother's arms. 

"Uncle Tom," Tyler said weakly.

"You guys don't have much time," Charles Dillwin said, glancing at his watch.  "You will see them later.  Guys...enough with the hugfest."

But the five did not pay him any heed.  Ally was just detaching herself from her dad, who was exclaiming over her, when five zaps sounded and five people landed with a heap on the floor. 

For a moment, the other six stared with horror at them.

Then there was chaos.

Ally and Tyler were pushed and prodded through another DeMaterializer.  Immediately they were whisked through the tunnel and light, and landed on a cold concrete platform.

More pills were pushed into their mouths, then they were shoved through another one.  More light and whirling. 

They landed, but this time there was no pill.
Ally leaned forward and threw up.  Tyler was right behind her. 

They were on a concrete platform.  Cool air nipped their skin. 

Several figures were running toward them.

"Who are those people?" Tyler asked.  "Are they---"

"Almira!" Ally's wings flapped hard.  "Something happened!  Jasper--"

Almira's face was grim, but as they watched, eight other people came.

"Hurry up!  Use your powers!  Get away!" Ally's mother began running.  "Jasper Jalling and his crew are after us!"

"Rendezvous!" called Almira as five other figures appeared, standing up.

Walter was frozen, staring at Jasper Jalling and his group of puppets.  He'd never seen the man--but now that he was looking at Jalling, something seemed familiar.

"Walter, what are you doing?!" Electra's voice called.  The others were running far away.

An electric zap brought him to his senses, but Jasper was walking toward him, a thin, stately figure dressed in black pants, shirt, and a long cape. 

"Walter, my boy," he said, grinning.  "My son."

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