Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sunday Serial~The Kuehl Kids Part 9 PREVIEW

The rumblings stopped.

Almira studied the scene around her with a cool, unchanged face. The Professor sat among the rubble, his face in his hands. Electra felt all her adrenaline draining out of her. Walter's face was even paler than it normally was. The lights flickered back on. Then the true nature of the disaster showed itself.

Great jagged pieces of Walter's unmelting ice stood in four spots. Some of the walls had torn out, leaving bare beams of wood standing. The ceiling was broken in some spots, leaving open a couple of holes looking up into the night sky. A lone moth flickered down, attracted to the light, which had remained undamaged.

"What happened?" Almira said in a cold, emotionless voice.

As Electra and Walter told her, the Professor looked up with each increment of the story, slowly and desperately. When they got to the part about the interrogation and the meaning of the sullen darkness, he gasped. "PowerCloak?" he said.

Electra and Walter paused. "Yes," Electra said.

After a moment of silence, Walter said gently, "Is there something we need to know, Professor? About the PowerCloak?"

"About everything," the Professor said. He stood up, seeming like the old-looking but spry man he usually was. "Let's see if the Vision Room was damaged."

The four silently walked to the Professor's moped. Its high-wattage beam showed the damage of the hallways. The chunks of ceiling that had rained down had left dents in the ground. Electra tried out her power for the first time in an hour. Her hands sparked to life.

"I guess the PowerCloak was lifted," she said. Then she looked at Walter.

Neither of them could forget the surprise and suspicion they had felt when Walter's powers had proved immune to the PowerCloak. Walter could feel something growing inside of him, something antsy. Something was wrong. With him? With his past? Maybe.

Electra's eyes glowed at Walter as they rode. Walter didn't need to look at them to know what she was unspokenly asking. Should they tell the Professor about his overcoming the PowerCloak? Or should they hold off?

Deep down inside, Walter knew they should tell the Professor. But half of him was worried that something was wrong with him--maybe there was something evil lurking inside him, or something about his unknown past. Walter, unlike the other kids, didn't know his origins. Electra's parents had been killed in an "accidental" car crash, probably engineered by Jalling's men, Tyler was an orphan (because his parents had died in a train wreck; they hadn't been associated with the Superhero Club) and his uncle had been a member of the SC, and Ally's parents were still alive, although they were in hiding like the Kuehl Kids were. But according to the Professor, Walter had been found on the doorstep of the SC headquarters, with a pink Post-It reading "Walter Waterboy" stuck on him.

He decided to ignore Electra.

They got to the Vision Room. Inside, they noted that there was barely any damage.

"That's funny," Almira noted. "The Vision Room is closer to our room than to the electrical room--yet there was damage in the electrical room."

"Could Quake control it like that?" Walter asked.

"The question is--why would he control it like that?" the Professor asked gravely.

"Because there's something in here," Almira answered. She looked up at the ceiling, newly patched.

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