Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thar She Blows...

Seriously, checking Instagram is like a full-time job.  That's why I haven't posted in two days :( Sorry

You might be wondering what the title means.  No, I didn't go whale-watching.  But it was practically like that for my family..."Oops, there she's going again..."

Let me explain.

The sore throat I had on Saturday (Did I mention that???).  It erupted in a full-fledged cold, the type that attacks your throat (as well as your ears and nose, because they're all connected).  Congestion, noseblowing, the like.

I am the QUEEN of noseblowing.  Even when I don't have a cold, I blow my nose.  After I take a shower, I blow my nose (moisture).  After I wash my face, I blow my nose (moisture).  When I'm outside playing tennis, I blow my nose (allergies).  And I have perfected the art of noseblowing to the point that you can hear me in a three-mile radius (and I'm only exaggerating slightly). 

I also blow my nose a lot.  One day this week (I was sick), I filled up a trash can and used up a whole tissue box (and more). 

My cold was the type where you get a lot of stuff blocking up your nose and no matter how hard or how many times you blow your nose, it always gets congested again.  I always thought I was a mouth-breather, but it turns out I'm a nose-breather.

I blew my nose a lot.

As a result, my family got kind of annoyed.  One of my parents' comments was "the joy of hearing your daughter blow her nose over and over again."

Oh, yes, that joy.

Monday was the worst, Tuesday only slightly better, and Wednesday sinking into Monday's hole again.  Then today, Thursday, I woke up and started feeling better.  No epic noseblowing today, folks ;-)

Of course, I had to have math tutoring on Monday, and tennis on Wednesday. 

You know you've got a bad cold when you have to bring a tissue box to math tutoring and tennis (an unopened one to tennis, to boot).

I'm sure people at tennis thought I had a problem.
Now to the whole matter of Instagram.  I've been enjoying my Instagram.  I made it a private account with no pictures of myself (which is kind of hard to follow).  I've already posted 17 pictures, which is pretty good considering I've only had this since Monday (if you don't like people who post a lot, don't follow me). 
But Instagram is a full-time job...seriously.  You're always checking it to see if people have posted anything, Liked anything, followed anyone, any new development.  It's crazy how addicting it is. 
And if any people who have a job with Instagram are looking on this (rare chance, but there's a try): can you make a dislike button?
I just want to make a dislike button.  To make a stand!
Here is a pic I've posted on Instagram...
People post anything on Instagram--from Arizona sodas to cliche, that's-so-true sayings.  So I made up my own.  The vegetables one, and also a Psy one ("CY YOUNG AWARD BECOMES PSY YOUNG AWARD AFTER GANGNAM PITCH").  Of course, I had at least one comment protesting my vegetables post (that's why we need a Dislike button). 

Thanks for listening to my nose-blowing, Instagram-filled rants about life and such. 

is back

WAIT!  One more thing to note.  I (as the expert on tissues and noseblowing) have compiled a list on the topic.

See, at those public restrooms, the city doesn't want to invest in good-quality paper towels or toilet paper.  Those brown paper towels are practically paper.  They're not the best for noseblowing.  So...I have a LIST, therefore, of the rankings of best noseblowing material (don't make fun of me...)

1.  Tissues (that's what they're made for, so obviously they're the best to use).  They're soft and pretty sturdy.

2.  Toilet Paper Since I never remember to have a tissue box (and I don't want to burn the energy to obtain one <laziness>), I always use toilet paper.  Although you may have to use a lot of it, it's the best option next to tissues.

3.  Paper Towels If you're in a public place, try to use the toilet paper.

4.  Your shirt I have not been driven to desperation as to stoop to these low heights (oxymoron).  I do not use my shirt.  *DO NOT USE YOUR SHIRT*

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