Sunday, June 9, 2013

Last Post...For a while

Heeeeeyyyy...if you're looking for the last Kuehl Kids installment look down -   - .  

But I just wanted to let y'all know that I probably will not be posting anything in the next two weeks or so.  This is because I'm going on VACATION...road trip with my family to a national park, among other destinations.  It's going to be fun, but sadly :( I am not assured of Wifi at the hotels we're staying at, so do not expect anything posted in the next 13 days.  REPEAT: Do not expect anything posted in the next 13 days.  

When I get back, I might post all the beautiful pictures I'm probably going to take!  I'm the "family historian," so I have a scrapbook and a Polaroid and am going to make a huge book of the Great Family Vacation (what we call it).  I'm also going to journal in a spiral notebook and on my dad's ChromeBook.  We're going waterskiing and hiking, and we're going to eat our hearts out (food food food food food food food food).  

It's going to be awesome!

My promotion party was pretty kool :)  We had a limousine, which had neon lights on the floor and in the cupholders and on the ceiling, except those were kind of dirty (we spent 15-20 minutes taking pictures in front of it :).  Nobody wore any seatbelts (although they were available) and everyone just talked.  We went to the restaurant and it was kind of awkward because ALL OF A SUDDEN these 17-18 kids (all the girls wearing fancy dresses) walk into an already-packed restaurant on Friday night.  Our burgers were already waiting, but it took like 5-7 minutes waiting for everyone to get situated.  A ton of people (a lot of them older teenagers) were looking at us weirdly.  These three high-school-aged guys looked at each other and decided to eat outside; one of my classmates said, "Oh, sorry, did we scare you?"  For some reason they got all offended, but they went outside and didn't say anything.  

We went back in the limousine after eating and after a while some people said they started smelling smoke.  So the driver stopped at a beach and we had to hop the fence to get on the beach while he was fixing the back air conditioner.  It was all dark and peaceful and deserted, and some (the girls still in their dresses) splashed in the water.  I was like, This is not my idea of a good time, but whatever.  Someone built a turtle out of sand (they told me it was a monkey later, but I don't believe them).  

Afterward we had to bypass a DUI (Driver Under Influence; i.e., drunk driver) checkpoint.  It was an interesting experience.  First there was smoke, then there was DUI.  

We got to the trampoline place, and the girls changed.  We had to wait 10 minutes for the private trampoline area because they couldn't find an available member to watch us.  By the time they got a person, it was around 11.  So we bounced until 12 A.M.

It was an intriguing experience, but some parts of it weren't enjoyable.  Everyone was going crazy at the beach.  The trampolines were okay, but I think we're a little too old for that.  I think kids my age basically just want to sit around and talk (like in the limo).  We did have plenty of time for that.  I took weird pictures of everyone (someone deleted all of the funny ones).  It was kind of a yes-and-no question--some parts I liked, some I didn't.

But it was the last time we'd be together as an class.  I'm leaving.  Others are leaving.  And honestly, things are never going to be the same.

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