Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Oh-So-Testtaking-Mad-Skills, and My Not-So-Mad-Shopping-Skills, and then Gargoyles

Today I had a math placement test.

Math's not really my thing.  I prefer English (or else I wouldn't be writing this blog).  I can memorize formulas, but when it comes to figuring things out ("Jimmy had four melons.  Ally had two melons.  How many are left when they combine melons, then Elizabeth takes away thirty thousand?")...not the best.  

I walked into the testing room, clutching my two pencils, a really rubbery orange eraser, and a stack of paper.  I received my test, deposited my phone at the front, and went back.

Oh, gargoyles (favorite word :).

The test had to be 4-5 pages, front and back.  There were 70 problems, a little sheet that you filled your answer with, and it was written in Times New Roman with little space.  Everything was numbers, numbers, numbers.  

I'm a computation person (adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing), but that many numbers can get even a person like me distressed.  What I was amazed at was the fact that some kids got done in 45 minutes.  I took a little over an hour and a half, and even then I'd just basically logically randomly filled in some bubbles.  


Thankfully, the test was multiple choice all the way through!  I was extremely happy.  Multiple choice means a lot of things.  It means that there's more of a chance you get something right, it means that you don't have to do all the work, it means that you can use process of elimination.  Multiple choice is my personal favorite (but teachers sometimes don't use it because, well, it's not the best thing).

There are a lot of ways you can work around actually doing all the work for math.  For example....

If there's a variable in a problem.  For example (this problem was not on the test), 5x=10.  Your choices are a) 2, b) 14, c) 10, d) 42,000.  You don't have to solve for it.  Basically, you can just substitute any of the numbers in for x.  *Solving problems with variables are easier if you don't solve for it.  Just Substitute!  If you solved a problem, then found out what you got wasn't the answer, where are you now?  SuBsTiTuTe AlL ThE WaY!

Now, I've just taken two hour-and-a-half-long math tests.  The first one was my final, the second was the placement test.  So I'm not going to run through this.  But just an example.

How do I think I did on the placement test?  Low B or middling B.  I don't think I got an A.  I guessed on several problems, and I might possibly have made some mistakes.  But the good thing is, it was multiple choice.  So there's a 25% chance that my guess was correct-O!

Afterward, I went to the mall with my mom and picked up a dress for Promotion.  In 2 hours, I picked up four articles of adornment (a.k.a. clothes). That may not seem like a lot--it isn't.  I'm not a shopper, and every time I make my mom spend money on something I want to make sure that I'm going to wear it (when she buys me something first, it's another story).  So I got my mom to buy me some half-shirts (that you have to wear a tank top underneath), a dress (for Promotion Night), and a skirt (in case the dress doesn't work out).  I've been wanting the half-shirts (What Do You Call Those Things?) and the dress and skirt I believe were those high-low types, the ones where they're short on the front and long on the back.  They're all good purchases, and I'm satisfied with myself.

I was joking in the car about being a novice at shopping.  "I'm not even a novice--I'd be in Remedial Shopping [if shopping were a school subject]!" I said.  That's true.  I'm not a shopper.  Until just a few months ago, I wore T-shirts and jeans.  I still wear jeans, but my tops have become slightly more sophisticated.  I'm not stylish.  

So, only I would fail to find the zipper on skirts (it was getting all tight for some reason...that's why they invented the zipper!).  Only I would not know how to pull off clothes from the bottom up (there's an art to it!  You have to grab the hems and pull your arms up around you!).

4 articles of clothing.  I tried on about 15 dresses and 10 shirts (I'm barely exaggerating...)  Experienced shoppers might think that's not a lot...but it is.

Oh, gargoyles.

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