Saturday, June 29, 2013


I feel like I owe y'all an apology.  I haven't been posting as often as I should have.

What have I been doing...

1) Getting sidetracked is one of my favorite--and accidental--hobbies.  Usually when I get sidetracked I'm doing something I don't like to do--like math, chores, or cleaning--and I start doing something I actually like to do.  Except the things that I like to do I rarely need to do...if you get my drift.  

2) Procrastinating.  Ever since I got back from my trip, that's been one of my major pastimes.  I'm not proud of it (hopefully not), but there are SO many things I need to get done...practicing piano for my grandparents (just two pieces, even though I quit already), FINISHING that journal (the trip was a WEEK ago), FINISHING the Kuehl Kids (on a roll now), blogging, etc., etc.  

3) Math, math, and more math.  I flunked the placement test I was supposed to do, and now I do a lesson of math every day.  I try not to complain--it's my own fault, pretty much, I'm doing math over the summer--but it's hard to focus on quadratic equations and parabolas and square roots when my friends are basking in sunlight and going to the beach (even though I'm not a huge fan of the beach, still, their freedom).

4) TENNIS.  Camp starts in July, and camp is basically the same thing as tryouts: they're entwined together.  So far, I've been going with my dad (I beat my brother twice in a set; then he came back and beat me in our third set), and just yesterday we rented a ball machine and I practiced with my other brother.

That was a kool experience in itself, because the ball machine is spring-green and new, and has a bunch of FASCINATING controls.  You can control the height, spin, speed, and placement of the ball by twisting these dials, and it was SO much fun.  I went with my other brother, who plays baseball but has picked up tennis, and I tricked him a bunch of times.  He tricked me, too, but it was too hot to pursue those balls.  Yesterday's tennis session wasn't a success, more like a "fool around with the sport" time.

5) Writing.  On the trip I came back with a very intriguing idea, and I hopefully can pull this one off.  I edited Both Sides of the Court but haven't gotten around to implementing it yet into the document.  

If my idea is a failure, I'll probably put it on this blog.  If it's a possible success I'll try to get it published (but not put it on yet).  If it manages to get it published, well---that would be amazing, that is far off, and I have to keep my feet on the ground here.  But if it does get published of course I'm going to say what it is...

I'm only done with chapter one, and it goes up to chapter eighteen (there's a lot of everything in this book...adventure, mystery, science fiction, insanity, etc.), so don't expect anything.

6) READING.  My library has a reading program--read, then receive free prizes--but I haven't done that for a couple years because I'm too lazy to record how much I read.  However, my siblings are read-crazy, so we've literally been going to the library every other or every single day.  My mom even went to the library twice in one day (yeah, we're devoted ;).

I recently read an amazing debut novel (and the start of a series) by Shelby Bach.  It's called The Ever Afters #1: Of Giants and Ice, and it's a slow start but it has great characters and an intriguing concept.  I STRONGLY encourage you to check it out.  For a synopsis, go to Shelby Bach's website (  It's friendly stuff, for "middle-grade" readers, which, in reality, means 4/5-infinity grade.  

Even though I'm going into 9th grade, where people expect me to read dark teenagery stuff, or else not read at all, I still go up to the children's section.  That's where I feel most at home.  Or maybe it's just a habit :) .  But to be honest, I'm scared of the adult section.  It's WAY too quiet.  

I reread Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which my brother checked out from the library, even though we have the set at home (our library dictates that in order to put down what book you read to receive a prize, you have to check the book out from the library).  Our copy has been long-lost, but after I read it, I went upstairs and (lo and behold) found it hiding in our schoolroom bookshelf.

Oh, well, it feels better to have a hardcover in your hands than a paperback.

Which kind of reminds me...has ANYONE found the font that Harry Potter is printed in?  It's printed in Adobe Garamond, which is absolutely the BEST FONT EVER DISCOVERED (or created, you choose).  The closest I found was EB Garamond, in GoogleDocs.  I beg you--find it!  It inspires me to write!  (And I'm not kidding...if a font in a book inspires me to write, I'll write)  And if the publisher ever asks me which font I want my book to be printed in...well, Adobe Garamond, come on in.

I also read Just Ella, by Margaret Peterson Haddix.  It's quite a turn from Haddix's usual adventure-and-more-adventure, with a Cinderella scenario, but really, it's not...because Cinderella has to escape a prison cell with a shovel.  I didn't like it as much as Gail Carson Levine's Ella Enchanted.  Another read was one of those N.E.R.D. books.  It's in the same genre as the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, although the kids in there aren't nearly as disrespectful of adults as Greg Heffley is (in N.E.R.D, they dumb down adults).  It's nerdy, weird, and I didn't bother finishing it.  You have to hook me in order to catch me.

7) TV.  I'm not a giant TV fan--I like movies better--but there's an exception: Food Network Star. Food Network is my favoritest channel.  I don't watch shows like Psych or anything (my parents don't either; it's sports, sports, sports, and House Hunters for us), although I do think Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. looks interesting.  Food Network is kool, and Food Network Star is even better.  It's your typical reality TV show, with twelve contestants completing various cooking-related competitions to win their own Food Network TV show.  

Now, I'm not a person who likes to watch other people show me how to cook.  I like watching people in competitions--chefs in competitions.  Iron Chef is a bit of a cooking disappointment, because the chefs there are already so experienced that the judges don't need to tell them what they did wrong--it's a matter of who impressed the judges better.  Food Network Star is regular people with stories.  Chopped is a little lame.  I think maybe I've watched it so much I've gotten sick of it.  The Great Food Truck Race is FABULOUS.  I've only watched it a little, but it impressed me.  But I've been watching Food Network Star, and I <3 it! :)

Wow, that's quite a mouthful, and not a picture to break it up.  Oh, gargoyles.


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