Friday, June 7, 2013


I am extremely excited; my school year is OVER!

I've been at my school for four years, and it's been such a blessing.  I'm leaving after this year, so I'm a bit nostalgic and sappy :)  I'm entering into a new era and chapter of my life (quoting Anne from the Anne of Green Gables series) and it's going to be both happy and sad.  I'm happy that I'm moving on with my life, but I'm so sad to leave all the good memories I've made at my current school.

Promotion is today, and since I'm being promoted into a huge new grade (*guess which one!*), we're having a huge celebration.  My classmates and I are going in a limo to a burger restaurant, then drive around the beach, then finish up the school year with an hour at a trampoline place (ending at 11:30 pm).  This is the last time I'm seeing my classmates as "school people."  I'm going to miss them all!

However, I received some bad news.  Remember my placement math placement test?  I did not pass.  So I will have to retake the test again in August :(.  I do not want to repeat the math class I just took, so I'm going to gear up and review math some more.  That will taint my summer a bit, but, oh well, it was God's plan for me.  

But I need to pass this next test, so be praying for me!

BTW, my dad (who is, like, the complete mathematician) said my testtaking not-so-mad skills weren't correct.  So do NOT FOLLOW MY TESTTAKING SKILLS from this post (click here; my most testtaking skills from the one before this).  I repeat, do not.  

I know right, that's ironic.  I advise people to use my mad testtaking skills and wow, there I go and fail the test.

I ended the year on a laughing note, however.  For my Speech/Debate final, I did a devotional on Matthew 25:14-30 (the parable of the talents).  My conclusion was really awkward...I said, "Are you going to be the servant that is told, 'Well done,' or are you going to be the servant that the master says, 'Throw into the place of gnashing and teeth.'"

No, I did not make a typo.  I seriously said, "Throw into the place of gnashing and teeth."

We all started laughing.  One of my classmates said, "So, there aren't going to be teeth in heaven?"

It was also ironic because one of my classmates did a speech on Joseph.  For whatever reason (I forget), he looked at each and every one of us and said that we have talents.  He said, "I know that one of us has a talent for piano, [referring to me]..."  

Well, the funny thing is, I quit piano last Thursday.  So...*awkward moment*

Afterward, I said, "I quit piano."

His response?  "Hypocrite!"  (I had recently done a persuasive speech on why you should play the piano...)

I'll give him that one.  Touche.

Also there has been a drastic change in yearbook signatures.  In the old days (technically, a year ago), "H.A.G.S." (Have A Good Summer) and your name was enough.  Now, everyone is writing loooong notes (I think I'm not the only one with nostalgia).  Here are some examples (I just think it's interesting how much we've changed over the past year).

Last Year: "E.T.S." (Name signed) (I think E.T.S. stands for Enjoy This Summer)
This Year: (Same person!) "I'm gonna miss you soooooo much!  Have fun in high school! :)" (Name signed)
Last Year: "CO u Rock" (Name signed)
This Year: "Hello [My Full Name], I had a great time with you.  You're super smart and I'll miss that look you give me when I say something stupid :) .  Have fun in public school.  I'll miss you." (Name signed)

*If these don't make any sense that's because they're inside jokes.  

We're so mature now (LOL, just kidding but seriously we are :)

But that doesn't stop us from fooling around.  One person this year wrote "Pokii," drew some weird wizard guy from her English skit, and wrote "From...Pokii."  In someone else's yearbook, someone wrote "Potato," then their name.

We're wacky, crazy, funny, weird, silly, sunny, lovely, and a lot of different stuff.


So, all's well that ends well.  I ended school on a good note ("gnashing and teeth").

In the Story of My Life, a new era has begun!  A new chapter is turned!  What's God going to give me next???


  1. you quit piano?? your so good at it though!

    1. Yes, I did :( Since I'm probably going to get a bigger workload in the fall, I decided to break off. Besides, I wanted to pursue what I want to do in the future--WRITE!

      -Rcubed :)

    2. I love writing too even though I am not good at it... :(