Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Serial~The Kuehl Kids Part 13

Walter heard Electra's voice behind him.

"What are you talking about?" she said, walking.  "Son?  What are you talking about?"

"Walter, my boy," Jasper Jalling repeated.  "Walter, I am your father."

"No," Walter said, but not putting meaning to his words.

The nose--that was way too much like Walter's, Electra realized.  And the black hair.

"You're not Walter's dad," Electra said, barely believing it herself.

"And Electra," Jasper said lightly.

Tyler zapped in front of Jasper and Walter.  "You're not his dad, and get away," he said.  "Before we hurt you."

Jasper tossed a black cube on the ground. 

Suddenly a sizzling sound exploded in midair, and little drops of light rained down on Electra, Walter, and Tyler--but not the others.

"My PowerCloak," Jasper said, smiling, but his smile was a bit like an electric blanket versus a metal heater.  Fake.  Electra shivered.  "This time, Walter, you are not susceptible to it," Jasper added, cocking his head.

After a short pause, the villain went on, "I purposely made it so you wouldn't be affected by it.  I wanted to test you.  I believe you passed...Son."  He smiled again.

The Professor came up to them, looking tired and old.  "Jasper Jalling, stop poisoning their minds.  What do you want?"

"Why you didn't tell me he was my dad."  The words exploded from Walter's mouth, like a waterfall.  "And why.  You never told me!"

"Walter, you're not--" the Professor began.

"Make excuses," Walter said bitterly.  "I'm tired of secrets, and I need information.  Why's he giving me information and you aren't?  I thought we were supposed to be good guys!"

The Professor closed his eyes and put his hand in his forehead.  "You're not his son, Walter."

"You scarcely believe it yourself!" Walter exclaimed. 

"Son, you don't have to confront them.  Just come with us."  Jasper's voice took a dark, tinny tone.  "I will tell you anything you want to know."

"Walter," the Professor began, reaching for his arm.

"Let the boy choose for himself," Jasper said.  Electra noted how his eyes were gleaming.  The man was obviously deranged.  Why can't Walter see that? she wondered. 

Now she knew that they were not father and son.  Maybe relatives: not father or son.

Walter's eyes were darting from Jasper Jalling to the Professor. 

"Walter, I will tell you anything you want to know."  The Professor was pleading.

"Hear my side of the story," Jasper Jalling said.  He smiled.  "We'll do father-son activities.  And I'll tell you about your wonderful mother."

"Who was my mother?" Walter asked.

"If you come with me, I'll tell you," Jasper said with a wicked grin.

Then Walter did something Electra would never have suspected in a million years:

He went over to Jasper Jalling's side.  And smiled.

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