Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Serial~The Kuehl Kids Part 14

"Walter, no!" Electra heard Ally gasp.

She felt herself be frozen, planted in the ground.  The world seemed to tilt.  Strong arms caught her, and she sat down on the grass. 

Not Walter.  Please, no, not Walter, she pleaded in her mind.  Not Walter.  No, not Walter!

Walter never forgot the look on Electra's face. 

You're letting her down, a voice inside him said. You're being a ninny. 

But it's time I had some answers, Walter argued.

The Professor can tell you everything, the voice sassed back.

I need to hear the second side of the story, Walter almost yelled back.

"Where are we?" he asked, turning to Jasper. 
Jasper smiled down at him.  "I can't show you that.  But, if you come with me and earn my trust, I will tell you."

The six turned back to the DeMaterializer that had zapped them there. 
Fier slapped Walter on the back.  "Join the club, Wally," he said.
Walter stiffened.  "Thank you," he said shortly. 

At least I'll avoid the mindless unopinionated students, he thought to himself.  Trying to make peace with himself for betraying.

A couple yards before they entered the DeMaterializer, Jasper turned around and gave a cocky grin to the Professor.  "Good luck disabling the PowerCloak.  You might your grave."  With a cackling laugh, Jasper threw his head back and entered.  One by one, Swifte, Invisa, Fier, and--breaking all the spectators' hearts--Walter.

Quake was at the back of the line.  He prepared to step through it. 

Suddenly, the black cylinder DeMaterializer disappeared into thin air. 

"Hey!" Quake said almost immediately.  He turned around.  "You--you--" He pointed at Charles Dillwin, who was looking pleased with himself.  "What's this?" Quake asked Charles, the Professor, Almira, and most of the others surrounded him.  "Are you capturing me?"

He planted himself in the ground.  "I'm the most powerful superhero!  I can knock buildings down and disfigure the whole earth!"

The ground began shaking, but Charles--with a strong motion--lifted Quake off the ground.

The rumblings stopped.

Tyler and Ally had joined the sitting Electra.  "So that's his weakness," Tyler said. 

"I can't believe it."  Electra's mind was still with Walter.  Staring at the empty space where the DeMaterializer had stood. 

"Me neither."  Ally knelt down and hugged Electra.  "But--I think we need to get going."

Quake was struggling to get out of Charles Dillwin's arms, but Charles held strong.  The Professor and the others bound Quake with the Professor's Ungiving String.  Soon Quake held still, glaring and spitting out words that Electra had never heard before.

"Watch your mouth," snapped Charles.  "We're only doing this for your own good."

Quake just yakked away even more.

*     *     *
Jasper Jalling and the others were staring at the DeMaterializer, waiting for Quake.
After a few seconds, Jasper Jalling groaned.  "Oh, great," he said.  "I should have figured they'd known."  He spoke into his watch.  "Code 2948, Red Alert.  They have Quake.  Shoot to kill except for Quake."
Turning to Invisa, Fier, Swifte, and Walter, he said, "We've got to take the long way out.  Get out there and start fighting."
He began running.  The four followed, Walter following hesitantly.  He didn't like the idea of "shooting to kill" and resolved to try to block the blasts as discreetly as possible.
*     *     *
The group was running as fast as they could when the helicopter blades began whirling.  And shooting.
Ultra supersonic bullets blazed by their ears.  With horror, Tyler, Ally, and Electra saw that some of their group had been hit.  The others ran on, with the Professor tossing some sort of powder on the bodies. Quake was struggling even harder.
Charles was hit, in the leg.  He stumbled but kept running with a limp.  Tyler, Ally, and Electra rushed to help.
With bullets whizzing by their ears, the group ran.  Electra felt like she couldn't run any longer.  Her heart was pumping hard, and her breaths grew shorter and more jagged.
Just when a cramp attacked her whole body and she felt like she was having a heart attack, Almira gasped out, "There!"
There, Electra realized, was a black shadowy cloak lying on the ground twentysomething yards away.  "Get to the cloak!" she heard Almira yell.
The group dove to the cloak, bullets raining down on them.  They covered the cloak with the body.
As Electra felt black and white dots bore into her vision, she knew of only one thing.
They were safe.

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