Tuesday, July 30, 2013

And the Next Sunday Serial Is...

I want to thank Elise K. and my dear, loyal brother, for their input ideas.

Both volleyed for "C U L8er: My Life In Texts" as the next Sunday Serial.

That is a possibility.  

I also enjoy watching the Food Network, so I think I'd enjoy writing "Chefs of Steel."

That is also a possibility.

There are more ideas in my head, ideas that need developing, so, with that all said, I want to say that the next Sunday Serial will be a SURPRISE.

Two more posts for the Kuehl Kids--one more week, and the week after is the Grand Finale/Epilogue (on Monday)--and then, the next Sunday Serial topic (which will be announced on the day of).

And soooooo...I conclude this post, telling my readers to Wait and Watch.


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