Friday, July 19, 2013

I am in a super awesome place!!

Today we celebrated my brother's birthday. After, we drove two hours and arrived at an amazing place that we're staying at for two days. It may not be as epic as our thirteen-day road trip before, but it's going to be kool because we're staying with amazing friends in an amazing cabin/house. 

When I first saw the cabin, my thoughts borderlined on, THIS PLACE IS SO KOOL! 

Our friends were already there. We eagerly anticipate an amazing time here for two days.

I'm done right now, because I'm posting on my iPod-disguised-as-iPhone and it's getting harrowing, typing so slowly and meticulously. So the rest of my post will be pictures. 

Upon arrival, we found this big boy making himself at home. :)

We've got a living room half surrounded by ceiling-to-floor windows.

We have weird, vintagey restrooms with CARPET...

For my mum and me :)

The person who's sleeping here is very lucky. 

The other carpeted restroom

Sad I'm only staying here for two days :(

Gonna have a fun time while it lasts though :) :) :) 


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