Friday, July 12, 2013

New Possible Ideas for Future Sunday Serials

As you may well suspect, the Kuehl Kids Sunday Serial is coming to a close.

I have the end already written out, and I'm thinking about ideas for a new serial.  I'm going to list a couple below, and if you want, comment or input a personal idea in the comment form to the right.  

Piper Peters, Pop Star
About a shy girl who suddenly finds herself the center of everyone's attention because of her newfound ability to sing.  Would be written in first person (I, me, my, etc.) with plenty of fresh-faced humor.

The Unpredictables
About a gang of wannabe superheroes with the powers--but without the ability to control their powers.  Would be written in first person from each of the gang members' POVs.

C U L8er: My Life in Texts
About a girl and her life, illustrated through her various texts.

Kidnapped by Koolness
Unpopular nerds Brian Kettler and Kasey Braglyn are kidnapped by people who seem to have the ability to disappear.  It's then that they find out that they've been chosen to be the faces of the new KSA--Kids' Spying Association--and that it's going to take more than just charm to succeed.  Written in third person (they, them, he, her, etc.)

Chefs of Steel
The Teen Bakers' Association of America is holding a contest--Chefs of Steel--and the four members of the Cooking Club at Brigh High want to compete.  However, there's a problem--only two people from each REGION can compete in the televised nationwide event.  Whose cuisine will reign supreme?  Written in the POVs of the different club members.

That's the list.  If any of you have ideas, comment on this post or contact me using the form on the right (no personal information will be revealed).  So far, I'm leaning towards something that's NOT on the action-adventure side because the Kuehl Kids filled that space in nicely and I think it's time for something a little different.  I'm leaning towards the "Chefs of Steel" idea because I think it'll be fun--I was inspired by a Food Network Chopped episode that had teens cooking instead of adults.

So, what say?


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