Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Serial~ The Kuehl Kids Part 17

Ally, Tyler, and Electra all gasped simultaneously.

"What are you talking about?" Electra said.  "Charles--Almira--you're...Walter's parents?"

"So you've been letting your son turn over to the enemy?" she added.

Almira sighed.  "Electra, Walter is not biologically our son.  We recently adopted him, but...well, we hadn't gotten around to telling him."

Electra's mind was a swirl of emotions.

"Who were his real parents, then?" Ally asked.  

"My brother," said Almira.

Electra, Tyler, and Ally all gaped.  "You have a brother?" they said in unison.  "Who?"

Almira looked very, very sad.  

"Jasper," she replied simply.

It seemed like Electra's world was falling apart.  "What?!" she screeched, so loud that everyone stared at her.

"Jasper is my brother," said Almira.  "He abandoned his child, put him in foster care, and now he is Charles' and my adopted son.  Walter."

"We had to keep Walter hidden from Jasper," Charles put in.  "He didn't know Walter existed until right before he left the SC.  Walter was the reason why he attempted kidnapping all the formula babies--you eight.  He tried to grab Walter and Quake, but we managed to fight him off.  He got away with Quake and everyone else."

"Mmmm!  Mmmm!" Quake no longer had murder in his eyes.  Electra noticed there was pain--and confusion--etched on his face.

"Yes, Quake?" Charles said delicately.  With a swift motion, Charles had Quake ungagged.

Quake lay there, panting.  "Jasper told us that he found us abandoned in an orphanage."  He spat the words out.  "That wasn't true?"

The Professor spoke for the first time in a while.  "Quake."  He sat the boy up in the chair and spun him around to face a set of people Electra noticed for the first time.

There were three people, total.  A tall, curly-haired man had his arm around a woman with dark bouncy hair.  A girl with a pair of glasses that made her eyes seem huge sat in a wheelchair laden with pillows.

They all bore a remarkable resemblance to Quake.

As the people in the room watched, the woman knelt down so her face was eye level to Quake.  "Antonio Mercurio Lopez," she said.  "I am your mother."

Quake's face was frozen, seemingly in a mask.  Quake's father shakily sat by Mrs. Lopez.  "Hi, Quake," he said huskily.

Quake's face was still set in stone.

The girl with the wheelchair rolled up.  She was perhaps a few years younger than Quake himself, and her eyes were satin-brown and magnified by large lenses.  "Your sister," she said, simply.  "Catherine."

At the sight of his sister, Quake's face crumpled, and the reunion of these long-estranged people brought tears to Electra's eyes.

Her vision brightened by the sparkling moisture, Electra turned to Ally and Tyler.  A tear rolled down Ally's cheek, and Tyler's eyes looked wet.  

As she looked around, she caught several features.  She saw Swifte's eyes on a very old-looking, silvery-haired couple, grandparents.  She saw Fier's build in a man that sat in a corner, head in his hands.  She saw Invisa's mother, fleeting and pale and pretty.  

"We aren't going to win by force," she whispered to Ally and Tyler.

"We're going to win by love."

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