Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Serial~ The Kuehl Kids Part 18

Electra didn't feel very brave.

She was standing on the grass next to Ally and Tyler.  The sun shone on their faces, and wind whipped around their bodies.  It was a lovely day.

The perfect day to surrender.

Electra shivered.  She noticed that Ally's face was paler than usual, and her freckles stood out against her white skin.  Tyler was standing straight, with impeccable posture, but, as Electra watched, his eyes didn't blink.

She flexed her hands.  This didn't feel right.  No electricity crackled from them.

Electra missed her powers.

Then, suddenly, a rumbling ripped through the grass, and Electra knew that this time was no time to go back.

If this plan didn't work, nothing else would.

"It's time," Ally said out of the corner of her mouth.  

As if you couldn't tell.  Electra shivered again.  

Quake's transformation had been almost immediate.  The reunion with his family had brought a change within him, and Electra could tell that he already was happier.  And Electra knew that Quake didn't want to go back.  

At least, she thought he didn't want to go back.

The rumblings grew noisier and noisier, and ripped through the grass.  Electra forced herself to pay attention.  Now was the time.  

Suddenly, Fier, Invisa, Swifte, Walter, and Jasper Jalling all appeared.  They were all dressed in white bodysuits emblazoned with the letter J on the stomach and sleeves.  

"Well, look who's here."  Swifte cocked her head and grinned, impishly.  "Ready for a lickin'?"

"Have you brainwashed Quake?" Fier looked positively murderous as an especially vicious wave of earthquake nearly knocked him to the ground.

Have you brainwashed Walter? Electra thought, standing her ground.  She sneaked a peek at Walter.

Water was gathering under his legs and slowly building up.  Was it just her eyes playing tricks, or did Walter seem a bit paler than usual?  That white suit made him look positively ill, Electra thought contemptuously.  What have you DONE to him, Jasper?

"Got your powers back?" taunted Jasper.

"Nope," Tyler replied, almost cheerfully.  "We've come to take them back."

All was still on the ground.  Electra steadied her feet.  She knew what was coming next.

Wham! An especially vicious quake threw Electra right on top of Swifte.  The girl struggled, but Electra pinned her down.

Swoosh!  Swifte ran right from underneath Electra's arms and before she knew it, Electra was on the ground, the wind knocked out of her, with Swifte's competent fingers tying her up.  "Gotcha," Swifte said sassily.  "Would you like me to read you your Miranda rights, or do you know them already?"

Electra just coughed.

She turned over and saw that Tyler was overpowered by Fier, and Ally was taken care of by the flickering Invisa.  Jasper and Walter were looking on.

"Not so powerful without your little powers, are you?" cackled Jasper.  He turned to Walter.  "Are the others captured?"

Walter nodded, red tinting his cheeks.  

"Walter," Electra said.

Walter looked at her, no flicker of emotion on his face.

"Please," Electra gulped.

Walter just whooshed away on his column of water.

Electra stared after him.  Is he really that far gone? she asked herself.

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