Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tennis Camp...DAY ONE

Well, today was my first day of tennis camp for public high school.  And I have to say, it was an interesting experience.

I woke up in the morning with a stomachache, so I took Tylenol while eating my peanut butter and jelly.  It was just my mom and me up--very peaceful.  

Excited, nervous, and freaking out all in one, I put on a blue Dri-Fit shirt with a Nike swoosh on it and a pair of comfortable black shorts we'd bought at an outlet mall in Vegas.  I packed my brother's racket as a backup racket and cleaned my tennis bag of junk--a couple of stray, used tissues, a pencil (which I left in there), a random piece of cardboard--and packed three bottles: one regular water bottle, one iced plastic Yellowstone-emblazoned one, and an unopened bottle of purple Gatorade.  

I forgot to add a tissue box, as I'd intended (if you read my earlier post, you'd know I have almost a chronic runny nose and a tendency to sound like a whale when blowing--see my post Thar She Blows) and so had to wait an entire two hours of the camp before blowing my nose.  I think I've got a issue with lots and lots of tissues...Terrible joke; it was from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which is completely off topic.

My brothers and sister woke up.  We piled in the car and arrived five minutes before the scheduled starting time.  More kids my age arrived with us--most of them girls, a couple boys.

We started.  The head coach introduced himself, and while we were stretching he went around and tried to learn everybody's names.  After doing footwork/ladder drills, we divided ourselves into three groups: "Intense" (code word for best players), "Medium" (code word for "okay" players), and "Beginner" (code word for players just starting out).  I put myself in the Medium group--better safe than sorry--with a bunch of other girls that were nice.  However, sooner or later it was evident I was a tad bit better in terms of form and consistency, and after we finished drills on forehands and backhands, I went up to join the "Intense" group.

I accidentally confused the "Intense" group with the "Beginner" group, but after that minor and slightly humiliating discrepancy, I soon loosened up for volleys (which aren't my strong point).  I managed to achieve myself there, mostly getting the balls over the net, which the very least I could have expected myself to do.

We played games after that, which was fun despite a minor inconvenience of my runny nose.  We didn't play points, which lessened the competition, and everyone was around the same level--I was probably a little worse than the majority of the players there, but not noticeably.  Hopefully I still held my own.  I hit a down-the-middle winner :) that I'm very happy about.  

The coach announced a couple things--for example, there would be a chance to play doubles against another school--and we were done.

I was tired, and, worst of all, my stomachache had come back.  I went home, lay down with Sherlock Holmes, ate fruit, and took Tylenol again.

But looking back on the first day, I think it was a pretty kool time.  I definitely haven't made any friends yet--for me, it takes a long time to truly count someone as a friend--but there are a lot of days left, and I'm totally looking forward to my experiences in tennis, and high school in general.


P.S. Oh!  And after lunch, I made Lipton Onion Dip again, and my mom bought the greasy, oily, good kettle chips from Costco.  heaven...

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