Wednesday, July 24, 2013

VBS And, Or, How My Day Goes

Ooooohhhh....wake up and smile, cuz it's been a while...And oooooohhhh, there's something 'bout the way the sun shines on my face...

Listening to Jamie Grace's new single "Beautiful Day," and Bridgit Mendler's "City Lights," I will proceed to recount my past couple days.

Like most churches, my church hosts a VBS (Vacation Bible School) every summer.  For five days, kids from the church (and kids from elsewhere) going into Preschool-6th can enjoy dinner, Bible stories, crafts, recreational games, and worship songs for five days every July.  

I've long since outgrown VBS, and instead I help out.  It's a very small VBS--only about thirty-five to forty kids--and the adults/volunteers number to about 1:1 ratio.  This year, I'm a Teacher Assistant, and I help with Registration, Setup, and Cleanup (pretty much anything they want me to do).  

The VBS ends at 8:30 p.m., and we clean up, then get home around 9:00.  As you may know, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays I have tennis camp at 6:15 a.m., which means I must get up at 5:30.  So...I've been working quite a schedule right now.  On top of that, on Sunday I have the makings of a sore throat, and I woke up Monday with a cold.

It's not serious, but it's the type that makes my trash can pile up with dozens and dozens of tissues.  I seem to have a chronic runny nose, and this cold only made it worse.  The sore throat all but disappeared, but a cough replaced it...and I have tennis camp...I won't bore you with my ailments, hopefully, but this week, while not torturous, is very interesting.

Monday jumpstarted.  I rested at home, then crossed my fingers and stuck a portable pack of tissues in my back pocket and arrived at VBS at five to help set up.  While wrestling tables, serving coleslaw, and handing out stickers to kids, I blew my nose more than a dozen times and wrestled with my stinking dried-out left contact.  The bright spot on Monday was the library--I checked out Dicey's Song by Cynthia Voight, and I really enjoyed it.  I didn't read Homecoming (I mean, if I already read Dicey's Song I might as well not read Homecoming since I already know what it's about), but I'm planning on checking out A Solitary Blue as soon as it's available at the library.

Tuesday I woke up at five-thirty, and it didn't go down so well.  See, we ran a mile.  A mile is more drawn-out, which makes me more tired, and my nose run faster (I wish I had my nose's energy, but, unfortunately, I don't).  And I was already kind of tired on top of that, so it just made me do not-up-to-par during the actual tennis part.  Ugggghhhh... (Do I sound whiny to you?  Hope I don't.  Gargoyles [sorry] if I do).

Then I kind of got into a bit of trouble with my mom about math, and although VBS postponed that, I went to bed not-so-happy...  The bright spot?  Jamie Grace came out with her new song "Beautiful Day," which is definitely up to standards!  

Today (Wednesday) was much better.  It was kind of like a bright spot all day (so far).  I finally managed to pull myself together (in no small part to my mom's commands).  Woke up at 5:30, went to tennis (lower body workouts are much more interesting than upper body workouts), and WE DIDN'T RUN A MILE, WHICH IS AMAZING.  Instead we did sprints and stadium jumps, which require more strength in short periods of time.  And more rest.  Soooo...I was happy.  My contact did dry out, but I managed to make it work again.

Then I had a PB&J sandwich, which makes everything better.  And my mom told me I had to do my math before I could check Instagram on my iPhone, so I did it before lunch!  And even though it took me around two hours, it was definitely worth it because that means I can blog now with a clear conscience...Yay!

The moral of this blog is...parents know best, and even though you go to bed sometimes with plans to run away and stuff (believe me, this happens as you get older), they do know best, and sometimes you just have to tell yourself to be quiet and listen to God by listening to them.

Oh, and Of Witches and Wind, the second book in the Ever Afters series by Shelby Bach, came out yesterday.  UNFORTUNATELY, Barnes and Noble sent my dad an e-mail saying my preorder was DELAYED, for goodness' sake.  Ahhhhhk!  Whenever I see the "Spoiler Board" page on, I want to freak out because everyone else seems to have read it and it's intriguing me SO MUCH...

Of Giants and Ice was the first book in the Ever Afters series, and I strongly--STRONGLY--encourage you to check it out, as it's a pretty good book!


P.S.  I listened to the commentary on Sara Bareilles' new song "Brave" in her new album, The Blessed Unrest, but I have to say, I don't admire the meaning behind the song.  I think we had different ideas, and I don't support her interpretation of the song.  So, whenever I listen it, I'm going to think of how I interpret it.  Just a note about that.

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